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Collars, How to Use Them?


I need a little feedback from the masses of mass out there. Are collars necessary when you bench and/or squat or are they only for pussies? Is it OK to drop the 40 lb. dumbbells after pressing them? what about he 60's? the 80's? 100's? There are alot of morons in my gym who have no idea what they are doing. Yet when they throw around big weights, poor form and all, the newbies are watching and try to mimic them (painful to watch).

While I'm at it; olympic plates, letters facing in...or out? Toliet paper over the top of the roll...or under? Paper...or plastic? Just thought I'd ask.


I like to keep my collars down, I've seen a lot of fools lately with them flipped up.

Personally when lifting weights I do the following:

Collars - nope, don't use them unless I'm doing some super heavy back squats or lunges where a twist might drop the bar and slide the weight off.

Plates in / out - I always have the letters facing in, leavinga flat surface for the next plate to sit flush against.

Toilet paper under/over - as long as it is there for me to wipe my ass I'm good.

Paper / plastic - I can't stand the feel of cardboard bags on my arms. Makes me queasy.

Dumbell dropping - No I don't drop dumbells. What if someone walking by had their foot there? But really, what is the point of throwing them around other than to attract attention to yourself?


I'd agree, but if you start to lower one side more than the other, the plate slides a bit, further lowering it, and just makeing the situation worse. Collars are easy enough, but its totally personal prefrence.

True, but most plates have an outside ridge, makeing this a moot point.

Top over, easier to grab.

Plus it can get annoying if you drop them all the time. And, it shows respect for the equipment, as it can chip/break/crack if you drop them. It also depends on the floor too. Softer stuff, like rubber mats makes it easier to let the dumbells down faster.

I also don't like people who, at the top of every rep click the dumbells together (ie: on a DB bench press, bringing the dumbells all the way together at the top so they hit each other and click) I kinda got use to it tho.

I want the last minute of my life back.


Collars? At the end of December, A 10 pound plate fell from a military press and broke my toe.

Yes use them it doesn't take much, even a 10 pounder can really hurt.

The funny part was I wanted to do another set but the gym kicked me out!


Kicked you out for not using collars? Or kicked you out for breaking your toe?

Like stated above, it really is your preference.


The last time I didn't use collars was in the garage with my Orbitron plastic weights filled with cement. When you failed, you'd let them slide off. Use them, it's one less small thing to think about.

Usually the plates have the lip on the side of the letters. What's the easiest way to pick up the plates? That makes the letters go on the inside. What moron needs to read what size plate that is anyway? There IS something mystical thing about having them the same way on both sides though.


Why the hell wouldn't you use collars? Do you not want your weight secure when lifting heavy or any weight? The weights moving a bit can throw off your lift. What if you bail? Nothing like several hundred pounds and a bar going where ever the hell it wants.

As for dropping weight. If you are too weak to move it under control you have no business using that weight.



Always use collars. Always.

I hate people who drop the weight. If you can control it, don't use it. You're not a badass if you drop the weight, you're a weak ass.

Letters facing in. Looks neater.

paper...I recycle.

The toilet paper comes out from under. Looks better that way.