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Collarbone Pain After 1-Arm Curls

I was doing one arm curls on EZ curl machine the other day. I was lifting alot of weight and after i finished my 3rd set on my right arm i had a sharp pain right below my right collarbone. It still hurts days later. It almost feels like it hurts when i just touch the skin.

I looked online and found symptoms that said it might be fractured? Could i have broken it with my own weight forcing on it while doing very heavy curls? Maybe ligament tear? Somebody please help!

Slow down, pal, take a deep breath, relax.

Where exactly on the collarbone?
Near the AC joint?
Near the SC joint?
About halfway between both joints?

First of all: don’t do anything apart from leg curls/extensions, maybe seated calf work and bike cardio until you know what’s ailing you. In short: don’t put any stress on your shoulder girdle.