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Collarbone Injury

I injured my Sternoclavicular joint 2 weeks out from my last meet while doing GM’s. My collarbones made a loud pop noise at the time, and they’ve troubled me ever since. I’ve gotten it checked out twice, and each time I’ve been told that I have a slight anterior dislocation of the SC joint on both sides.

I’ve been doing some rehab stuff that I was given: some upper back exercises and lots of stretching of my chest and neck. The dislocation is still getting worse.

Benching (especially full range), st. bar squatting, and deadlifting all seem to make it hurt. I’ve been sucking it up until now, but I need to do something about it to either fix it or keep it from getting worse. Any and all suggestions will help.

Totally off topic, and I’m sorry for it, but when I was in second my best friend got thrown to the ground by a 70 pound Asian girl (that he was obsessed with) and she broke his collarbone. Seeing this topic just gave me a little chuckle.

As far as training goes, I really can’t think of anything that you won’t feel in your collarbone. Good luck on that