Collar Bone Question

Hey I’m skinny, and I’ve got this thing where when my collar bone hits my “arm bone” it juts out. I was thinking this was a combo of a lack of muscle and a lack of fat.

I saw this picture of Arnold though at I think that is his collarbone jutting out, is it? If so does that mean that the only thing that will cover out my collar bone bump thing is fat?

By the way I have been working out for a while and have made some gains, so I need to keep on chugging.

But I was just wondering about the collar bone thing.

Dangit. How do I attach the image, I thought I did but it’s not up.

I go to attach image select the one of my computer, and blamo I get nothing.

Argh, maybe you will understand with out the pic

signup with an account like and upload the picture there, it’ll have instructions on how to post the links on websites.

as for your question, i think you’re referring to your clavicle which seems to be a bit “pointy”. if you want to stop looking like a pointy skeleton, then yes, lift.