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Collar Bone Problem

My wife recently was diagnosed with a sprain in the sternoclavicular joiny. that is the joint where the collarbone attaches to the sternum.The bone pops out and is extremely painful. The popping out makes working out impossible. The ortho guys,I don’t think they are any good, say that they can’t do anything other than surgery but they don’t seem to know too much about the surgery? I am going to take her to a specialist, but in the meantime does anybody know anything about this type of sprain? Thanks.

It is a frustrating injury and can be very uncomfortable. It is good that you are seeing a specialist and definitely listen to what-ever they have to say since they can get a good formal, hands on assessment along with x-rays/imaging.

For now, things that may help would include scapular exercises to help keep proper posture and scapular positioning, thoracic ROM, and soft tissue work/lengthening of the muscles attaching at and around the clavical. Look at the SCM, scalenes, pec minor, pec major, etc.

Everything LevelHeaded suggested is excellent except thoracic ROM, this will stress the SCJ as well as pec major/minor. Leave those for last when she has some stability in the joint.

I suffered from bilateral atraumatic SCJ subluxation and then the right SCJ completely dislocated and tore the disc.

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Arcadiafades, you are correct in holding off on the Thoracic ROM until the joint is stable. I was thinking of just an SC joint sprain/inflammation and misread the “joint popping out” statement.