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Collar Bone Injury During Squat

Anybody ever injure their collar bone while performing regular squats?

Last friday I was doing some GVT style Squats; 10x10 with 225lb. For me this is pushing it. So on the last rep of the last set (while begging for mercy) I hear and feel a POP on the inner portion of my right collar bone.

Finally went to the doc today and am waiting on the xray results, I’m sure something just popped out of place vice a break.

Any similar experiences?

was there pain?

[quote]Standard Donkey wrote:
was there pain?[/quote]

No, there was no pain at the time, just an intense pop that kind of freaked me out. I have pain now right between my collar bones when I bring both my arms out in front of me.

Found resolution from a physical therapist. She said my collar bone likely popped out of the sternum momentarily, making a violent pop and stretching the ligaments (Ligament Strain).

So far I just can’t do incline or pullups or it feels like my collar bones are seperating.