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Collapsing Uterus from Lifting?

As I’m a pt since 1999 I’d like to address this question to the women here due to one of my clients incident.
Her gyno adviced her to stop lifting cause it will maybe cause her to collapse her uterus and have problems related to these kind of things so she stop coming to me for this reason.
As women have you ever faced something like this from lifting heavy year after year?
Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences as my income depends on my clients.

If the structures that support whatever organ is in question has an inherent or iatrogenic weakness (like because of having caesarian section or whatever), then yes, it is possible. It’s gonna be different for everyone.

To be honest, I think a reasonable question to ask is “Does her gyno even lift?” and “Is her gyno a female?”

Maybe it can theoretically happen, but under what loads? What about form considerations? As a kid my family doctor told my parents that taking creatine and protein would give me kidney stones and lifting before 16 would stunt my growth.

This is an important reason why people need healthcare providers who are familiar with their lifestyle.