Collagen Synthesis with Test

so i have been reading on the forum that injecting testosterone can inhibit collagen synthesis
i think my hrt doc is going to put me on hrt since before i started taking black market test my free test was 54.3
he would like to see it between 300 and 400 and my shbg between 16.5 and 55.9. i do not know what dose he will start me out at yet till Tuesday.
but can it inhibit collagen synthesis? and if so ,what are yall doing to combat this?

Where in the forum have you been reading this? Why is this your concern? TRT actually promotes collagen synthesis. Muscles, skin, and bones become healthier when testosterone is at healthy levels. Your Doc sounds mysterious, and it would behoove you to know what protocol he wants to put you on. Hopefully its not something space out in 2 week intervals.

It’s right here I pasted it.
But I think I got my information wrong . I apologize.
I think if you hurt yourself or tear something it’s possible that it may take longer to heal if your on testosterone

Just by reading the intro, you can clearly see its a rumor. Being on T actually helps you heal faster, not wolverine like, but healthy human being fast.

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Perhaps there is some confusion between corticosteroids and anabolic steroids?