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Collagen for Recovery?

A friend of mine told me that adding collagen and removing whey protein could help my recovery and muscle development? I really have no idea if this is true. I’ve been taking whey since highschool so its really all I know, does anyone have any advice on this topic?

He takes Keto Collagen but I really know nothing about collagen. I know MCT has been shown to aid in recovery, but that’s about it.

I added a link to the product but idk where it went. I’m adding it again so you guys can see the supplement facts.

I just want to know if my pal is right, or an idiot.

We don’t post links to supplement sites/blogs, etc.

Collagen can be useful for recovery and growth, as discussed here: https://www.t-nation.com/supplements/lift-heavy-then-you-need-this-cheap-protein

I’m don’t believe the MCTs add anything significant, especially at such an extremely low dose (basically a token amount just to say there’s MCTs in it).

If he said “adding collagen to your diet would improve growth and recovery”, he’s right. If he said “replacing whey protein with collagen would improve growth and recovery”, he’s an idiot.


hey chris, thanks for the heads up. sorry, wasn’t aware of the rules.
He said adding it is the way to go, but I have also been cooking with MCT oil. Not sure if that’s the move or a waste of time either

That label makes it look like what’s sold as “creamer” for coffee. Adding collagen and MCT (medium chain trigylcerides) to coffee is part of a “bullet proof coffee” trend. I have used collagen, but not to replace whey. I like that collagen will dissolve really easy in watery drinks, while I use whey in smoothies.

Collagen protein isn’t a complete protein, so bad call in replacing whey with it. I take a product that has 10g collagen protein, and I’ll mix it into my whey or in hot tea after.

It’s joint healthy, gut healthy, and all other benefits referenced in the article that Chris posted, but it won’t be a magic pill for recovery. It’s inexpensive and easy to take though

I’ve read that vitamin c helps with the absorption of collagen, so I’ll take it with OJ post workout if I have calories for OJ.

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@soul_fighter is absolutely bang-on

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Glucose and vit c compete for the same uptake carriers.

Damn, I figured OJ was mostly fructose, so should I be good? Or should I take an alternative like fresh lemon juice or something?

I’m not well versed on bio available sources but do remember seeing that tidbit. And the amount in OJ will vary from jug to jug id wager.

You could just eat an orange. :grin:

Fruit sugars are blends, not a single specific type.