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Hello out there.I suffer from ulceritive colitis and have started taking ribose-c.Does anyone else with colitis take ribose-c,if so what are your experiences?I would like to know about your results with creatine and protein shakes in regards to colitis.Any input would be greatly appreciated.thanks

For Robb,
I was wondering if you could help a friend of mine out? She has the same condition as you. The doctor has her on prednisone(6/day), muscle relaxers, asacol, and sleeping pills/antidepressant at night. She is losing blood at an alarming rate. She is unable to absorb the food she eats and this is severely draining her energy levels. She used to work out, but she can’t find the energy anymore. She gets tired walking up stairs now, when she used to run a 5k without a problem. What have you done to help manage your problem? Any nutrition, supplement, or drug info would be appreciated. The doctor wants to put her on disability, however she still wants to work. Any information you could provide so she could regain her energy to work out and be relatively healthy again would be great. Thanks.

Hi Greg:Currently i am taking 2400 mg of asacol(2 400 mg tabs 3 times a day)as well as purenathol(1 tab 50 mgs per day)also known as 6mp.Fatigue and blood loss are normal.I have become aneimic a couple of times before and took extra iron to combat it.I get really fatigued if i over do any sport.Getting off the pred would be fantastic for your friend as their are many side effects which is why i am on 6mp.It sounds like your friend has it worse than me,but all of my sports have been curtailed somewhat due to u.c.

I’ve been managing ulcerative colitis for about 5 years now, under the supervision of a colo-rectal specialist. I am currently on sulfasalazine, but when I have flare-ups, I go on prednisone (sp?) on a decreasing dosage (40 mg 2x/day for a couple days, then decreasing to 35, and so on to 5, then stop). That gets it under control. What I’ve found is that the flare-ups are mostly related to sleep patterns. If I go through a week of decreased sleep, I’ll usually have a flare-up within a few days. I use whey protien 2x per day, and I don’t think it’s related to the colitis. I’m not familiar with any of the other drugs mentioned in other posts, so I can’t comment. I also have no experience with ribose-c.