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Colin's 5x5 Log

Figured it would be a good idea to make a log to document my (hopefully) progress. My program will be Strong Lifts Beginner 5x5 stronglifts.com/stronglifts-5x5-beginner-strength-training-program/
It’s a full body program with 2 alternating days done 3 times a week.

Background info:
Squat- around 270
Deadlift- 345
Bench- around 180

over 180lbs
Increase my squat and bench by at least 10lbs
Increase my vertical jump

I started lifting in March of 2007. My starting weight was 146 pounds and couldn’t bench 135lbs once. School starts early in September. Before then I want to gain around 10 pounds. I will be a senior in high school and will be playing basketball for the school.

Right now I can grab the rim so I want to try and dunk when the season starts in late October. My plan is to increase my vertical through a stronger squat and shooting around once a week, jumping as high as I can trying to dunk.

I’ll add pictures/ other info later tonight/tomorrow


Friday August 1
Day One

Squat 5,5,5,5,5
2mins rest

Bench 5,5,5,5,5
2mins rest

Went light here because of a sore pec from earlier this week.

Row 5,5,5,5,5
2mins rest

Went light here to work on form and really feel my back working.

Dips 12,9,8
1min30s rest

During my workout I have 1 serving of Surge with creatine and 15grams BCAA.

Monday August 4
Day 4

Nothing to comment about days 2-3. No training those days just tried to eat as much as I could. I was gone away so I ate a lot of junk to get the calories in.

My diet is basically eat everything I can. I have 2 shakes a day of Optimum nutrition protein with a big scoop of peanut butter and ground oats in whole milk. I take Surge with creatine and BCAA during every workout. I eat 2 sandwiches for lunch made with meats such as chicken or roast beef with cheese and vegetables.

My other meals are usually what my parents make for supper which is meat with a salad and potatoes. I’ll have at least 2 “suppers”. I include snacks which are usually just sandwiches or more meat with some olive oil and bread.

Training for Monday August 4

Squat 5
~2 min rest

Overhead Press 5,5,5,5,5
2 min rest

Dead Lift 5

Chin Up 11,8,7

Gym was packed today for the holiday. A couple guys there were benching 4+ plates which is a big thing because it’s only a small gym. I switch to using the 55 pound bar for squats which was much more comfortable and stable. Helped increase my weights a lot.

I completed the overhead press easily and will add 10lbs next session.

I hurt my left trap from squatting tho :frowning: On the second last rep of one set I really pushed the weight up and the bar came off my back. Pretty sore now lol.

Tuesday Day 5
Didn’t do much but eat.
so far:
shake with peanut butter, whole milk, 1 scoop protein powder and 2/3 cup oatmeal
cup of chocolate milk
2 roast beef sandwiches
1 sweet n salty bar
1/2 frozen pizza
ham with 2 medium potatoes
glass of pop
another shake

couple glasses of milk throughout the day also
to come:
probably another meal of ham/ pork with bread or potatoes and some milk and fruit

so to finish yesterdays eating I had:
a glass of orange juice
an apple
Pork ribs
also 5g of creatine
I think that I should have had the apple and oj earlier in the day and not after supper.
Today is another workout and will post the numbers later.

Wednesday Day 6
235, 215, 215, 215,215
2min rest

Bench Press

B/O Row


Legs were still sore from the other days squats. I’ve started warming my legs up for 5 mins before I squat now, either on the treadmill or bike.

Felt very strong on the rows. I think the shorter rom with the 45 plates made it easier

Friday day 8
235, 235, 215 ,215 ,215
2 min

Overhead Press
2 min


// grip chins
BW+25, BW+20, BW+20