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Colin Powell

  I posted this as a reply on this forum, but I was wondering what's the general opinion:

  I think Colin Powell would do a damn good job as President of the US. He served in the US Marine Corps and led Operation desert storm. He knows how to get the job done, and works well under high pressure.

  He could very well be the first black US president if he ran- and a damn good one at that. Heck, he's the ONLY potential black candidate that would have my vote right off the bat (unlike reverend Jackson who can preach all he likes but he will never get my vote. He's the kind of guy that thinks everything's wrong in America, and I just can't trust a guy like that. Besides we could have North Korea invading the US, and he'd send the 3rd CALVARY and the 1st ROSARY from the vatican instead - just not a good idea).

   What's your opinion - Do you agree Colin Powell would be a damn good President, possibly the first man of african descent to hold the position of commander in chief, and would you vote for the guy?

Its hard to say if he could do a good job without a clear sense of where he stands on education/economic/environmental & other domestic issues.
Do you know?
I would hope that these criteria would be considered carefully.
Because he has experience as a military leader does not mean Powell can turn things around in these departments.

I think the Republican Party would exhaust their list of rich white frat boys before ever going with the black guy- no matter HOW little he relates to the black community (that kind of thing really scares the modern day plantation owner).

The republican party has no reason to go with a black guy just for the sake of having a black guy. Blacks only make up around 13 percent of our population. And things such as education are better left to the local governments.

i could be wrong but…it seems to me that most ex-military guys have made poor presidents

Goldberg, what does your statement on education have to do with Powell?

Kuri, I agree with you, we'll have to know what Powell's position is on a variety of very important issues.

My point is, Colin Powell, is a man of integrity, tough as nails, smart as a book, who can work very well under immense ammounts of pressure - he won't break, yet he knows how to listen and when.

 Everybody's position tends to be different from their opponents. However, one thing that is seriously lacking many of these candidates is integrity and the ability to follow through witht heir commitments when the going gets tough. I seriously believe Colin Powell would be a great president and great leader.

 That said no one should vote for someone because he's black. Heck, if reverend Jackson runs, which he said he will, he can fill up my wallet, he still isnt getting my vote because I dont trust him as a person, as a leader, and as someone knowledgeable about our country's politics and affairs. However when you pair up Powell, against senator Liebermann, who is a good candidate in my opinion, I would rather vote for Powell.

  A lot of it comes from my view that this country's leader should have a solid background as a leader, and have a proven track of getting the job done under tremendous ammount of pressure to break. Powell has that. He's also smart as a damn book (he did lead the desert storm operation, undoubtedly one of the most sucessful military accomplishments ever).

  Powell also has a VERY solid military background. He would most likely hold the record number of years in active duty service, along with the most prestigious service. You know he wouldnt starve funding to our military. He wouldnt allow a lack of equipment to cause another mogadishu (black hawk down). You know he'd use our military resources wisely, because he's been a soldier himself, and because he's been a leader in the Marines himself.

   As long as his position in our country's policies, economy, and so on are good, he will have my vote 100%. I would love to see someone with his record leading this country. Experience along with education always beats education with little or poor experience. Just my .02.

I have said that Colin Powell is the only person in America that could simply decide to be president and wouldn’t have to worry to much about not getting it. The only real reason he isn’t brought up more is because he has in the past tried to avoid the spotlight. In fact, it is my understanding that he had some apprehension about even being the Secretary of State.

This guy is a perfect American Dream story. He grew up in a poor New York family and through his hard work and dedication became one of the most respected men on the planet. Politically, he’s perfect. It would be disastarous to try to attack his character, he would draw a large number of traditionally democratic votes, and, with the exception of the most right winged racists, he would carry all of the republican vote. I mean seriuosly, all he has to do is say he wants the job and it’s his. Maybe he’ll be a 2008 candidate.

And to xracergs-- What the hell are you talking about?

George Washington - 6 Star General
Abraham Lincoln - Captain
John F. Kennedy - 2nd Lt.
Teddy Roosevelt - Colonel
James Madison - Colonel
Ronald Regan - Captain
Dwight D. Eisenhower - 5 Star General
Ulysses S. Grant - 5 Star General

There are a bunch of others as well, but these are a couple of the most recognized.

Dear Diesel,

I know you are planning to become a Marine and thereby show a Marine bias, but Colin Powell was an Army General.
You should take the time to read his book on leadership, it is excellent.
However, in the past when asked if he would run for President, General Powell (retired) said he did not want to put is family through the exhaustive and very bais examination by the press.
Although they might go easier on him, because of his race.
Best of Luck.

Umm . . . Colin Powell was in the Army, not the Marine Corps.

  My mistake. I did think Powell had served in the Marine Corps for some reason.

  I stand corrected. That does not change my position in anyway whatsoever but thanx for pointing that out.

I’m not a historian by any means but it is my recollection that Ulysses S. Grant was one of the worst presidents in US history. Wasn?t his presidency full of scandals??? GW got Namonia screwing on of his generals wives. Before he got caught by the general he jumped out a window and into the snow?and how about JFK whose got his name is another scandal?.I?m not trying to say non military presidents aren?t involved in scandals what I meant was I don?t think we should reward people for military success with 4 to 8 yrs in the white house

 I could do my own research, but instead Ill just give you the answer already posted on this forum. Maybe you could read it this time around.

George Washington - 6 Star General
Abraham Lincoln - Captain
John F. Kennedy - 2nd Lt.
Teddy Roosevelt - Colonel
James Madison - Colonel
Ronald Regan - Captain
Dwight D. Eisenhower - 5 Star General
Ulysses S. Grant - 5 Star General

  If I could generalize something one or two specific individuals did to the rest of the group I'd be one happy lad.

  If 2 kids in your school went around and shot the principal to death, would it be accurate to say you along with every other student of that school are murderers and dont deserve to be in school, just because 2 other students did it? After all, you all have a history of being students as do the 2 kids who shot the principal.

  Military service has no correlation to debauchery and promiscuity. You have a few guys who ruin it for the rest of the military service just as you have a few guys who completely ruin it for college students.

  You have 2 US presidents who who served in the military and did a bad job.

  Let me ask you this: How many presidents with no service time did a bad job having simply attended college before? 

  On the same token you have many guys who give the military a great name, including a number of those included above. 
  Just as you have a number of exmplary guys who simply attended college with no prior service.

  Your question runs more along the lines of 'She cheated on me, therefore all girls are scum who will cheat on me.' That's not logic or common sense.

I like Colin Powell… he is the only person in the current administration I actually like.

In fact, even though I vote Democratic, I would vote for Powell ahead of certain Democrats (“Republicrats”) currently running in 2004.

Goldberg, I apologize that my response posted on another thread.
I didn’t mean to refute your remark regarding local Gvmt & education, was just pointing out that the federal government is relevant as well.

I too would vote for Powell rather than most democratic candidates. I could care less what party one belongs too, but care much about their action.

Its interesting that there are many conservatives attacking Powell for his position on affirmative action - calling him racist. A loaded issue to be sure, but its nice to see someone standing up for their beliefs & not simply towing the party line.

The key to ANY good president is to make sure that he surrounds himself with advisors, especially in the areas in which he feels weak.

Colin Powell certainly has foreign policy, military knowledge and diplomacy as his strengths.

He is respected by many World Leaders.

VERY FEW Presidents are “strong” on economic policy and on education. Economic policy is FAR too dependent now on Worldwide Issues and events(much more so than the few years after WW-II). And all Washington can really “do” for education is 1) help fund it and 2) let State and Local entities handle what are often state and local issues.

All in all…Powell would make a FINE President…


Would I vote for Powell? As a Democrat I would cross party lines and vote for him.
The real question is would he run for office and the answer is no. He has stated numerous times that he prefers his privacy in regards to issues such as religion and abortion. He is also to “smart” to run for office as he would have a hard time giving a typical candidate spin on things rather then actually answering the question.

And it is sad to say that America is still full of plenty of people who think race is an issue when running for office.

So even though he had my vote and the votes of others on this board, he would come up short in his quest for office.

Diesel, for once we actually do agree on something. I too would most likely vote for Colin Powell. I agree that he has served with honor, is a man of integrity, and I believe is one of the smartest men in the military. What is even more amazing is his cross party appeal. I think the reason for that is that everyone perceives correctly that he has no hidden agenda, which has not been true of many of the candidates other either side lately. He doesn’t seem like someone who could be manipulated, and he is comfortable with command. I would like to learn more about him myself, but from a distance, he looks like someone I would vote for.

George Washington - 6 Star General
Abraham Lincoln - Captain
John F. Kennedy - 2nd Lt.
Teddy Roosevelt - Colonel
James Madison - Colonel
Ronald Regan - Captain
Dwight D. Eisenhower - 5 Star General
Ulysses S. Grant - 5 Star General

1.) GW- a man who for all intensive purposes was a tyrant king himself. Hell, the man would not even allow people to touch and referred to himself in the plural. He was also a slave owner.
2.)AL- sent hundreds of thousands to their deaths under the guise of fighting a war against slavery (and please no one write on this board that he actually did fight for the slaves, he did it so Europe would not enter on the side of the South, since no European nation would back a country still involved with slaves). Also was the part of several colonization societies in order to send the slaves back to Africa. A bit of a racist you might say.
3.) John F. Kennedy- I actually kinda liked him but if you would hold him up as an idol, then you would have to hold him up to the same standard as Bill Clinton.
4.) Teddy Roosevelt- “tough” teddy wasn’t really so tough. as a matter of fact, his anti-trust laws against monopolies lacked any teeth but were great in word.oh well. He also took a lot of credit for shit that he did not do.
5.) James Madison- oh here’s one ya gotta love, manifest destiny. Nevermind the millions of natives who already inhabit the land. It’s God’s will what a bunch of shit. British Imperialism more like it. Also a bit of a racist.
6.) Ronald Reagan- I don’t want to incite a riot or anything, but how many fucking scandals in South America and the Middle East happened during this guy’s presidency??? Hold on a second and let me take my shoes off so I can count. Also led us into the worst “recession” since the 1920’s. But I liked him as the gipper.
7.) Dwight D. Eisenhower- here’s another fucking joke of a presidency. led us into another recession after WWII, and what about KOREA. And why the hell did he take Douglas MacArthur??? Pride.
8.) Ulysess S. Grant- Scandal after scandal also. a bit of a drunk as well. And I believe he was involved in Teapot Dome as well.
9.) George Bush Sr.- another great guy. But I can’t bad mouth him since he was such a great president right. Yeah I guess that about sums it up. And I believe that the only reason Colin Powell would be voted into office by so many conservatives is because he really doesn’t represent that much of a threat to your ideals.

oh and Powell was in the Army, not the marines

Xracergs: do you hate the military or what. I think if Powell was president it would not been a reward. I think he would have to be voted in like every other pres…

Here is my take,

I’m a Colin Powell fan, no question. I mean, I have quotes of his hanging on my fridge. This is a guy who is level headed, knows what it takes to get the job done, and has proven himself to be a leader time and again.

Should he be president? Good question, but I say no.

Colin Powell is a Warrior, and warriors need to be on the front line, not behind a desk, or on TV, or at tons of public engagements. (although you see more and more of him lately)

Colin Powell is a great man, a true American, a Patriot… But President? I think his talents would missused by that position.