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Colgan Book (Bull shit Bench press 905 lbs???)

I picked up this book by Colgan…I don’t think I spelled his name right but I’m sure all of t-mag knows who I’m talking about. Anyway I’m flipping through when I see this picture of a guy on a bench who looks like a body builder not a power lifter. Big deal right. Well no but the caption besides says so and so is a strong man who can bench 905 lbs etc etc etc. Huh? Bench 905 lbs. What with six bench press shirts on and a pneumatic lift??? I know what your saying this is a miss print but the bar the guy has is loaded to the max with plates. Anthony clark is on another page and his bench is only 730 lbs. Hehhe. Only 730 lbs. What’s the deal??? Help. :slight_smile: