ColeTrain's Log

So i finally decided to start up a log in hopes to be more diligent with recording my workouts. Right now i’m in summer training for the upcoming college rugby season. My team is suppose to be moving up to Division 1 so I’m trying to build up my mojo as much as possible.

Right now i’m running 5/3/1 4x a week usually with some extra stuff thrown in, i believe I’m now finishing up with my 5th or 6th cycle this week(i’ll post the workouts for this past cycle that i’ve done to catch up a little bit).

My diet is pretty simple:
breakfast: 4 eggs, turkey sausage, cup of oatmeal + banana
Lunch: usually 1-2 chicken breasts or some ground sirloin, and 1 cup of rice
Dinner: varies but usually red meat or fish with veggies and potatoes
*usually throw a 4th meal in there at some times and i usually snakc on alot of fruit, nuts, and milk

Creatine (ill only use Kre-Alkalyn)

Here are my current states(take note i haven’t maxed out since i first started 5/3/1)
Height: between 5’9 and 5’10
Weight: 190
bf%: not sure but i’m lean and can see all my abs and dont have a belly so thats fine by me
Bench Press: 285
Back Squat: 385
Overhead Press: 195
Deadlift: 425

So here’s the weights for the mainlifts from this cycle’s first 2 weeks(it’s my 6th cycle i think but i’ll just call it cycle 1)
Cycle 1: week 1
Bench Press: 190x5, 215x5, 240x7
Squat: 275x5, 310x5, 345x10
OHP: 140x5, 155x5, 175x5
Deadlift: 300x5, 340x5, 380x5(i only do prescribed rep for deadlift)

Cycle 1: week 2
Bench:205x3, 230x3, 255x5
Squat: 290x3, 325x3, 360x7
OHP: 150x3, 165x3, 185x3
Deadlift: 320x3, 350x3, 385x3

This weeks workouts looked like this:

  1. Bench Press: 215x5, 240x3, 270x2 (almost 3 but shoulder was feeling bummed out)
  2. DB Rows: 3x10 120/120/140
    3a. Overhead press: 5x10 95lbs
    3b. Ring Pull-Ups: 5x10 bodyweight
  3. Machine Shrugs: 3x10 4plates
    jumped some rope for conditioning then practiced handstands for about ten minutes(inspired by elliot hulse)


  1. Power Clean: 10x1 every minute on the minute w/ 225,235, and 245
  2. Squat: 310x5, 345x3, 380x6(this was huge for me since this was pretty much my previous max)
  3. GHR: 3x10
  4. Hanging Leg Raise: 3x10
    finished with some more jump rope and then front lever practice on the rings