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Coleman's Cost of Redemption?


I have an Amazon $25 gift card and was thinking of getting Ronnie's DVD. For those that have seen it tell me your thoughts on it.


I have it. It follows him around for a few days and chronicles most of his meals and training. Again, I am glad I own all of his training DVD's. They are actually worth money and he comes across like a likeable person regardless of his accent that people harp on. Hearing him read the ingredients of his oatmeal for the first time for the camera is funny as hell. I seriously doubt that anyone would walk away after watching him train and say that bodybuilders are "nonfunctional". For a guy who is 300+lbs, he moves pretty damn well. The weights lifted are always impressive. I sometimes just put the dvd on when I'm cleaning the apartment.


I got the DVD and its a cool flick. Very motivating. He's seriously a beast! The one thing that struck me as odd is there was no supplementation (other than the tray of pills) of any sort shown. I dont know if this was because of contractual reasons or what. There were no protein shakes and no PWO shakes. When he was done with his workout he would go eat real food right after. At no point, unless I completely missed it, did he ever have a PWO shake. I find that interesting.


His other videos followed him to most meals and I still have to say they left some meals out. He eats well, but at 300lbs, what they showed needs to be doubled for him to maintain that. In his very first video (before he got PAID) he showed how much turkey and beef he was eating each day. It was at least 1-2lbs of each. I think that was more representative of how he truly eats. In the Unbelievable dvd, he was drinking protein shakes. I think he had a new group do the film this time.


So, what were the ingredients of his oatmeal?


I like to think that hes not waiting for his grit/egg mix to cool, but rather putting off eating the horrible mixture, as he sits on the couch looking at it.


What you talking bout? Grits and scrambled eggs together are good.


It's a VERY motivating video, plus you get Ronnie's cheesy sense of humor. Hearing him scream "Yeeeaaaahhhh budddyyyyyyy!" from the first to the 99th time just makes you want to go squat.


yeah his video is really motivating..he drinks pitchers of kool-aid at a time in Unbelievable.

anybody ever visited the metroflex gym?