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Coleman is Huge

[quote]TTewell342 wrote:
I’m sorry to say but you are very poorly informed about Ronnie Coleman, his roid use, and his genetics. I have seen pictures of him before he ever touched a steroid and before he was even bodybuilding and he had over 20 inch arms. To say that he is a genetic freak is a gross understatement. There have been many viable sources close to him that have said he doesn’t take NEARLY as much juice as his pro counterparts. I’d have to believe it. This guy’s genetics are one in six billion! [/quote]

How do you know? How are you so informed? People who have gh guts are not using ‘not nearly as much as the others’, they’re using on par or more. 20" arms aren’t some magical number which cannot be acheived naturally.

By the way the better his genetics are the more he should be flamed for using steroids. If he has the stellar genetics you speak of then he’s a real asshole for taking drugs when he doesn’t need them and not showing his natural potential instead. And how good are his genetics when Cutler and a few others are almost/the same size? Or is it one in .5 billion now?