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Coleman is Huge


check out the video



Jessica Alba is hot


i remember reading an interview way back where ronnie said he "didn't want to get too huge" but now look at him. just goes to show it can happen to anyone i guess. i give him credit though for keeping his chin up and dealing with it. that's the testament of a true champion.


LOL. That was so corny we had import corn from other continents. Shit is just ugly at this point, he can't even move properly. His biceps are too small for his torso and he's carrying Ronnie Jr. - the future of bodybuilding - in his stomach. And pumping hands in the air is the worst idea since he looks like a mutant frog.


If you really want a laugh scan through some of the comments at the bottom of the video.


This was my favorite, and there's some gems there:

He probably can't have any kids. The steroids inhibit testosterone secretement so the testicles don't produce any sperm.


And before God there was Ronnie Coleman...


But seriously, I've never actually seen a video of a bodybuilding contest before, and that was truely amazing and disgusting at the same time.


rumor has it he's going to go through with the pregnancy, but he's opting for a C-section


The GH gut aside, he's still impressive as hell.


What is with all the hating on Coleman? The dude has taken bodybuilding to a different level. Yes, he has a bit of distention in the belly, but most at that level of bodybuilding do. The guy has a powerful look to him that others have tried to attain, but can't get near him. And he can back it up with big lifting.

As for his biceps being to small for his torso, you must be on crack.


i liked: " Really really huge, but I hope he worked out hard to get that body and didn't use the enhancing drug's ..."


The most important question of course is whether or not Bruce Lee could kick his ass.


That's not even something to be questioned....


What's with all the liking Coleman? Or any 'pro' at this point.

How is it any different than Yates? More steroids? Even uglier? Less proportion?

A bit? For a bodybuilder that is alot. His gut is destroying his proportions and makes him look like shit. And it's obviously not a bulking gut, but a gut associated with tissue and organ growth due to...

What does it matter what the most have when he's the best and still looks like a failed transgender attempt? And I don't remember seeing anyone else going to performances with such a big gh gut or even having it protrude that much.

The man can handle a ton of chemicals. I guess that would be somewhat admirable.

Back up what? He has to split the credit for all his acheivements with 2 liters of chemicals in his ass. If he wanted to back something up then he wouldn't use steroids. This isn't the 70s, he's conciously roid-inflated and knows what he's doing. I don't think he's stupid as to try to prove anything.

Yeah, I must be on crack thinking that his bloated torso with the potato sack in place of abdominals fits just fine.


oh and to the comment that was taken off the video page about him not haveing kids....he has a daughter in case anyone cares


Man! you jut wasted 45min of my time letting me watch the other chick vids! what were we talking about here? oh yeah, Coleman.


When's the baby due?? lol I like Ron, but man I cant stand the GH gut.



I Watched a lot of chick vids and a couple bad airplane landings.


I am not getting the "Butterfly Ass" reference.


I'm sorry to say but you are very poorly informed about Ronnie Coleman, his roid use, and his genetics. I have seen pictures of him before he ever touched a steroid and before he was even bodybuilding and he had over 20 inch arms. To say that he is a genetic freak is a gross understatement. There have been many viable sources close to him that have said he doesn't take NEARLY as much juice as his pro counterparts. I'd have to believe it. This guy's genetics are one in six billion!