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Coleman Deadlift


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX-krPVTG1E&search=ronnie%20coleman hahaha Ronnie is insane. Sorry if this was posted aleady




Sweet Lord...

I wonder sometimes what he could do if he switched back to powerlifting only because his squat is way up there as well.



Would powerlifting get him a new Hummer and a 100,000 dollar paycheck for only one contest every year?


No, but at least he'd be able to curl more than 35 lbs.


That was incredible!

I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to see somebody else try that besides him.


I can try.


i wonder if he knows that gloves weaken grip strength ?


aint nothin but a peanut


But Zeb, he's not pulling 3x BW! It can't be that impressive! :wink:


haha, no it wouldn't but shit, this guy is truly unique in that he is a genetic freak in both arenas.
Though I need to add that after seeing several of his dvd's I have seldom seen anyone work that hard. I saw him work out in Venice as well....unbelievable...that gym does not get quiet often but there were some awestruck faces in the audience.



lighhhhhhhhhtttttttttt weight..light weight. I get a kick everytime I see one of his videos and hear him say this.




what I like about coleman is that he sticks to his free-weight powerlifting roots, making them the core of his routines. I do not think we will ever see Jay Cutler or others doing sets of deadlifts for 2 reps. Maybe Cutler's constant cable work is the reason he has yet to surpass coleman. (just a theory, flame if you want)


i thought that it was funny that the spotter was wearing spandex trunks, why?


It's kinda funny that lots of bodybuilding nerds hate on Ronnie (while hyping a dude like Jay Cutler? What?) but real lifters show him love. The man looks amazing and has brutal strength and he's humble and normal, while the rest of the pack are bleached blonde crystal meth smoking homos from California.


It's more like hughghguh!hughguhgu! Lightweight! hiughighhg! hgighgh! Lightweight!

I don't think anyone cares.


I wanna see prof x deadlift 800 pounds, especially since hes always hating on BB'ers and calling them unfunctional. HAHA


I don't think he'd get nearly as many sponsorships he does as a powerlifter either.


Uh, yeah, those gloves with the strap attached really fuck up your grip :slight_smile: LOL.