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Coleman Competing in 2010 Olympia?


This is a month old news but I haven't seen anyone talk about it:

"As heard first on todayâ??s episode of MuscleSport Radio, Ronnie Coleman will make his comeback at the 2010 Mr. Olympia. The eight-time Sandow winner said in a live interview that he just made up his mind â??a few days ago.â??

Coleman originally intended on competing in this yearâ??s Olympia but his travel commitments with BSN proved to be too much and would have affected his preparation."

Breaking News: Coleman Comeback Confirmed for 2010

Think he still has a chance? When did he win last, 2006?


I read that today somewhere to, his wikipedia page?
I don't think he could win it, he's getting old but you never know
depends if hes kept all his size


If Cutler continues to suck, all Ron's gotta do is get the conditioning right and it's done. At his size the rest won't be able to keep up.


Lets hope Papa Weider pulls for him like he did Arnold at this last Mr Olympia.


By 2010 I think Heath is gonna be pretty much unbeatable. Coleman will have to bring his best.


Ronnie's the fuckin man, I hope he brings it in 2010.
Can't wait for the comeback and hopefully more training vids.


i don't even think he'd win. i think there's a new look that is in right now and ronnie doesn't fit it. personally i want to see Kai win.


I'm not sure if he'll win, but I will say, if anybody COULD come back and win these days, its Ronnie.


It's interesting to see that people are generally supporting this (even though most doubt he will win). Compared to other sport stars (i.e. Favre) who people quickly dismiss as washed up and hate on for going it another go


i would have thought that Ronnie could return to his job as a cop and remain around bbing sidelines, promotions, guest speaker, appearances, supps sponsorship gigs, stuff like that.

Livefrom787 just how do you describe the new bbing look that you speak of?


No, he will not win or even come close unfortunately (although he is my favorite bber).


I think they need to move to a more lean look then just straight bulk.


I am not Live, but look at the current Mr. O Dexter Jackson and his physique vs. Cutler and Coleman.


I think Coleman is awesome and still think he looks great, but he's got absolutely no shot. No a chance in hell he'll ever be Mr. O again. Ever. I'd be surprised if he made top 5. If he did I imagine it would be more out of respect for him than because of his physique.

There is a time in every athletes career when he has to realize it's time to give it up. Hopefully he sticks around for awhile on the scene (promotions, guest posings, etc.) but I think Big Nasty should remain retired from competition.


Don't even use Favre as an example. Please.



I pretty much watch that every day before work, always puts me in a great mood!


bodybuilding is just returning to rewarding guys with more aesthetic physiques. Ronnie Coleman is H U G E we all know this, there's a lot of other huge guys these days although not his size but they have just have better proportions, their waists are more in line, etc. so basically these days its a little more about quality than quantity.


Yup you'll see guys Papa Weider will pull some strings...hopefully I wouldn't want to see Big Ron in the ass end of the top 8. Arnold came back looking nothing like his previous Olympia contests and they gave him the Sandow. Fuck that shit though, he's a 6 time Mr. Olympia in my book and a backstabbing bitch.


Why would you say he's a backstabbing bitch?