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Coleman and Supplements


I watched Coleman's Cost of Redemption. The one thing missing from the movie was his supplementation. The only thing shown was his tray of pills. At no point did they ever show him drink a protein shake. Especially a PWO shake. When he was done working out he would go to the Black eyes Pea and have a meal.

They showed pretty much everything he did during the day and am left to wonder where or IF he uses a protein drink of any sorts. Was it because of contractual reasons or does he just rely on REAL food?


That's funny considering all the poop Bull Shit Nutrition throws in our face about how great he says all their products are.


Who knows. But I don't think it matters much other than as a point of interest. I think everything Coleman does, from training to supplementation, is pretty divorced from what most lifters do-even advanced ones-that as a point of comparison, it's pretty useless.


I don't beilive that movie was very factual in many ways. First of all, it shows him only eating 3-4 times a day and most of those meals were really small portions. And he even claimed he was on his offseason! I think a 300+ pounds beast like Ronnie would take in a little more than a little 6oz piece of chicken and some cornbread! The only meal he ever ate at his house was the first one, which is the only bodybuilder meal with lots of Calories I seen him eat.


I don't know if you've seen one of his other videos, "The Unbelieveable". In that one it shows him drinking a protein shake, I don't remember the brand or if it was PWO or in the morning.


In "The Unbelievable" he drinks Extreme Whey chocolate. But the way he says it's name and how good it is, it looks like product placement. So who knows if he uses it normally. I've never seen that whey shake in any online stores btw.

He does eat a whole lot of chicken and baked potato in that video though...


He also knocked it back like a shot of Tequila. I wish I could drink entire glasses of protein that quick.