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A problem I have had over the last 2 months or so is that I have been plagued by colds- really bad ones that have made it impossible to workout.

I have caught another one now, after only being back in the gym working, moderately, hard for about two weeks.

Has anyone else had this kind of problem and what do you think is causing this. It?s getting very frustrated and is affecting my workout regime something chronic.

I have thought about it being over training, but I don?t think that is it because my routine, a basic weight workout + four runs a week would cause me to over train.

I have reduced my colds alot my supplementing with Vit-C. I also have my whole family doing it as well. Keeping them healthier reduces the risk of me getting infected. I know how you feel, that was me last winter. Being on a fat fast diet did not help my situation either. Getting proper rest and washing your hands often are also good preventatives.

Could be several factors, some of which have to do with your training, some don’t. As a start, try washing your hands frequently as this is the MOST common reason people catch colds. Carry a bottle of water-free hand sanitizer and wash often.

I can sympathize. A few years ago I always got sick coming back into the gym from a little layoff. Few things I discovered that contributed to my colds:

  1. Poor post workout recovery.
  2. Too much volume (sets and reps).
  3. Too heavy, too soon.
  4. Not taking in supplemental antioxidants. (This helped a lot.)
  5. Too much time in the gym.

Whenever I come back from a long layoff now (especially now due to being sick myself), I take a 5X5 type of approach only not using my 5 rep max for the first week or so. And I only do two exercises which means my total workout consists of 10 sets, ~50 reps, at around 50-60% of my 5 rep max.

Basically, just take it easy when coming back. Good luck on your journey to a strong recovery. Take care.

One should look at what can suppress the immune system if one wants to know why they’re getting sick.

Some relevent causes:

  1. Consuption of sugar. This includes post-workout sugars! I like to take breaks from stuff like Surge and use natural sources of high GI carbs such as beets, potatoes, dates, figs, etc. This could possibly help.

  2. Stress. Physiological and psychological.

  3. Excessive cortisol production (from workouts).

  4. Lack of intestinal flora.

  5. Lack of sleep. Relates to number 2.

  6. Lack of proper nutrition. This stresses the body leaving it more suceptable to illness. Relates to number 2.

  7. Lack of enough calories. Relates to number 2.

  8. Over cunsuption of stimulants. Relates to number 2.

  9. Over use of medicine (any kind of NSAIDs or any medicine, for that matter). Relates to number 2.

  10. Diets too low in fat. Relates to number 2.

  11. General toxic overload. This means taking in too much crap. Environmental pollution, crap in bad foods, etc. Relates to number 2.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. It all comes down to diet and stress. I honestly don’t think cleanliness is a big issue, I mean, so long as you’re not eating meats that have been sitting under your sofa for a couple weeks :slight_smile: I think if you inspect aspects of your diet and stresses, you will see the problem.

Hey, I had the same problem for a long time. Even had fatigue. I started taking 3g of vit C a day. It sounds simple and maybe it is. Give it some time though, your resistance is low.