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Coldplay Live?


Anyone ever seen them in concert?

I'm going to their show here pretty soon, more for my GF but I'm looking forward too.

Any reviews on how they are live?



Great, we have some Coldplay fans in the house! I haven't seen them live but I have heard some of their live concert tracks, like those on their Brothers & Sisters LP. Great stuff.

What's your favorite album? Personally I like Parachutes. X&Y was good but some of the songs were a bit too poppy. But I'm sure they sound kick ass in a RL concert.


I saw them twice in Montreal.
They absolutly rock...!


I saw them a while ago (surprise B-day present for my gf). I'm a huge fan as well. They put on a really good show. Chris Martin sounded great. My only complaint is that they only played for 1.5 hours. I guess that's the norm for most bands nowadays. I just question what's 3 more songs to them when it would make the audience that much happier. Anyway, on the whole, great show plus major points with the gf.


Yeah that's what I'm aiming for too...


i'm going next weekend at Mountain View.

where are you seeing them?