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Cold Weather Lifting


Hi, I am a mechanical engineering grad student at the University of Texas, and am currently working on a product development project related to strength training in cold weather. I would like to get input from people who lift regularly, specifically those who work out in a non-heated location. But, even if you use a climate controlled gym, your responses are still valuable and welcomed.

I would greatly appreciate if you could take a few minutes to complete my survey linked below. It should take you 5-15 minutes depending on your responses. My project is described in more detail at the end of the survey, but let me know if you have any comments or questions.



My pleasure.


I just completed the survey. When can I expect the prototype to be delivered?


when do we get paid dont mess with us WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE !!!!!!


completed it.


Just took it.


i train in my garage i like the way the weather ads a different stress to the w out . when it Fn hot n when its Fn freezing .


My gym is often sub-zero in the winter, I like it because all the timewasters and weekend warriors can't handle it.


thats cos we're english and we're BAD ARSE ( notice arse spelt properly ) . only problem we have to stop training at 4pm for tea n fruit cake !