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Cold Weather Cardio


Hello All,

I have searched the archives, and I couldn't really find a suitable answer to my question/concern reguarding effective wintertime cardio.

I am starting a pretty hefty fat loss phase including, Fat to Fire I and II, Meltdown I, and TTT. Each of these phases strongly recommends jump roping before workouts and GPP, and GPP on off days.

Here's where my dilemma comes in... I live in Upstate NY, and it's already in the 40's-50's in the morning/evening. Soon it will get to where it is a consistant 0-(-10) degrees F outside. I can't really do jumproping or jumping GPP in my house, as the ceilings aren't high enough and I have to consider the roommate.

There is a gym on base, but it consists mainly of machines and dumbbells, so I'd rather do my training at home where I have a full power rack. I have a set of k-bells I could work into circuits for cardio/warm up, but I think the jumprope is also pretty key in these guys' programs.

So my question is this... For those of you who live in similar areas where starting in October it snows, ices over, and is rediculously cold until April, what do you do for wintertime cardio? Is it bearable to spend 20-30 minutes in 20-(-20) degree weather doing jumproping or some GPP? Are my winter months destined to be spend doing hampster cardio in the gym on my off days? Is it feasible/comfortable to do the above mentioned cardio with layer upon layers of clothes on (gloves, xtra socks, hoodie, sweat pants, long johns, etc.)?

Help me, I'm a Texan in NY!

Kyle Witter


Hi Kyle!

Hey man I live in a cold climate as well. Here is what I do for cardio when the weather turns ugly.

I have my own Gym in my converted basement, but you can do it anywhere really.

Make up a circut for yourself. I have found that circuts are never boring. Let me give you an idea of what I mean.

Spend 3:00 to 4:00 at each stattion:

First station: Jump Rope

Second station: Exercise Bike

Third station: Treadmill

Fourth station: Throwing the medicine ball.

Fifth station: Jumping Jacks

Sixth station: step ups while holding dumbbells. I have also done "jump overs" on this station. I use an old rolled up mat and simply hop over it back and forth.

Seventh station: Your choice any free hand floor movement such as sit-ups. Sometimes I like to do shadow boxing or heavy bag hitting on this one. Your heart rate will sky rocket!

There you have it. If you don't have an exercise bike or treadmill you can work around it. I like a long circut as it cuts down on the boredom moving from station to station.

When the weather gets better I have a rock pile in back of my house. I call these rocks "Cardio-rocks" as not one of them is over 100lbs. and most are between 30lbs and 75lbs. I see how fast I can move the pile. I throw each rock as fast as I can. It is brutal, and by the time I am finished my shirt is soaked with sweat.

In short, use your imagination! Anything that drives your heart rate up and keeps it there is working your cardio!

If I can be of further help don't hesitate to PM me!

Best Of Luck,