Cold Weather and Training

Wow. They told me it would happen, but I never thought it would happen to me. It’s been so fricking cold here lately that my joints and hands are hurting. Makes me want to stay home instead of climbing in my sweats and heading to the gym.
I just turned 46 a few days ago, and have been noticing the ravages of time on this body. 20 years in the construction field before they stuck me in this office, has aged me, as it does all of us I suppose.
I am right in the middle of a 12 week program that will culminate around the end of january. this is never a good idea during the holidays, but it beats sniveling about the extra calories and watching my belly swell during this time.
The training is going well, I am hitting my goals for DB bench, but am taking it easy on the squats and deads. I’m having to use wraps to help my grip these days. and believe me, it does help.
So…what to do?
I know that I am going to suck it up, and make it happen. That is the only way that we reach our goals.
For all you youngsters…getting old sucks. Avoid it at all costs.

Get some Rehband knee sleeves. They will take years and miles off of your knees.

They are expensive, about 30 bucks a side, but well worth it. Get two, there is no difference between right and left. They are made of neoprene and fit snugly but not too tightly. Your knees will feel hot and sweaty after a few sets of light warm-up squats. The heat and light pressure will make your creaky knees move like soft butter. I think they help with patellar tracking, too. They give me the confidence to go into a deep squat, Olympic style. After a while you won’t even notice you are wearing them. I wear them all the time in the gym.

I got onto these at an Olympic weight lifting gym. Most people there, young and old, were using them.