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Cold Water Test...

I tried the overtraining test by CT. My RHR my first try was 55bpm, and 70 after 45 secs in cold water. I then waited 5 mins and did it again. Resting was 62 and after 45 secs in cold water it was 64bpm.

Do you think I’m over trained? I’m doing WS4SB and I haven’t taken a break in a while but I can’t really tell if I’m worn out or not?

The other thing that I’m worried about is I’m on my 4th week of WS4SB and none of my lifts have really gone up. Bench is stagnant, squat and deadlift are too. If my lifts aren’t going up, but I feel “okay” would that be an indicator to take a week off?

Granted I am doing a T-Dawg type diet, so deffinately not a bulking phase.