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Cold War Era Greco Roman Wrestllin Training



the shit dreams are made of.

I was in HS competing and dreaming of training like this.
then I went and did it

I swear I have seen some of these bastards
* why is it black and white for 1987

love the pummel drills-
watch how awesome their underhooks are
at 1:51 outside the coach demonstrates an amazing bulgarian headlock

lay down starts
carry to suplex drills

I love how fucking sparse the room is.

stall bars


those plate reovoling drills in the bridge position at 12.00
are Im sure part of my jacked up neck.

Xen thank you for this.






Badass, cool video.

I love the sophisticated training equipment at 7:30.

Old training footage never fails to fire me up


Absolutely awesome vids, so inspiring. Perhaps the Kimura video is the answer to the bodyweight training thread?!


I would point out that for me, doing hundreds of pushups daily did do dick. (although I very much believe that one armed pushups helped me)

As in the video, it was more a mental thing.


hey, if it helped it add some inches to your dick you should continue doing it, unless you are becoming like long dong silver.


I was being flippant really, especially as I understand Kimura undertook a great deal of weight training!


I love that kimura vid It's so awesome.


Kimura's training was unparalleled at his time

My Judo is a fantastic read- cool videos.

now we need some of karelin training


strange thing, I already tried to find good, vintage Karelin training footage, just-

There is none.

Sure, he presses miniature (for his size) kettlebells, does some warmups, old Karelin does some easy drills, etc

But it's like he didn't ever push serious iron or ran through mad, old school drills.

I don't think they didn't bother to film, but it was more of a national secret perhaps?
Really, how cool would it be to see Kareling clean and pressing ridonkulous weights or sprinting balls out across siberian hills with his 300lbs training buddies on his shoulders?


I know he lifted fridges through stairs.


From what I've read of Verkhoshansky the Soviets used aerobic runs specific power machines and drills, kettlebells, calisthenics and weights.
Karelin used those rubber bands, kettlebells and there is video of him doing leg presses and curls. In addition his website has said he used to play wrestling basketball, run and lift weights. All pretty basic stuff. I wonder if they used periodization? The barbell stuff looks very similar to aerboic strength circuits.


wrestling basketball?


Beautiful. I wish I cold throw like those guys.


There are youtube videos of it, it's basically contact basketball with no dribbling.