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Cold Temps for a Hot Body Article

I found this article pretty interesting and for some reason cant comment directly onto the article so I posted it here as my curiosity in this case pertains more to muscle building than strength.

I understand what the author is trying to get at, however, preached more or less everywhere these days is how bad Cortisol is when trying to build muscle. We should avoid it at all costs where possible as it is catabolic.

I read a study on the effects of temperatures on our bodies and in cold temperatures, the body releases cortisol as a reflexive mechanism due to the external stress and the fact the body has to deal with them.

Would this not then disrupt the whole purpose of what the article is suggesting? Claiming that cold temperatures can force the body to possibly release muscle building hormones, but at the same time it is releasing cortisol which is catabolic and loves to help us store fat, is pretty paradoxical.

(I realise it may not be as cut and dry as this but even so food for thought).