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Cold Shower Experiment


I have decided to drop some body fat. My diet is in order, my lifting, and conditioning are in order. Also, I just recently started using the EC stack to help expedite the process.

Now, for the interesting stuff... In the past I've used cold showers to help with my mental toughness, I think it's important, so I started doing them again. I notice that after I'm done taking the shower I feel warmer. I'm assuming this is due to adaptive thermogenesis. Also, since I recently moved to a cold climate I decided I will crack the window at night and turn down the thermostat. I take a shower right before bed, so I will go from the cold shower pretty much straight to bed.

I really don't have any way to quantify the effects of the cold exposure, but I suppose I could take my temperature every morning- I don't know what this will tell me, though.
I found one study on cold exposure, but it wasn't very conclusive.

Anyway, what thoughts do you guys have?


sounds like a great way to get hypothermia if you ask me.

honestly, any possible benefit you receive will be FAAAAR outweighed by the shitty sleep you'll be getting every night by going to bed cold and wet.


I won't be wet, and I won't allow myself to get cold enough to develop hypothermia. I'll put on clothes as needed. btw, I've lived up north pretty much my whole life so I'm pretty accustomed to cold exposure.


Excessive cold can raise cortisol levels. I'm not sure how excessive, but I read this fact not too long ago on this site.

If you have issues with cortisol/belly fat, this may not be the best approach.


Getting cold is definetly not the answer.

It's 1 calorie/kg to raise the temperature 1 degree C. And I think the stat in the article was that if you drink 8 x 8 ounce glasses of ice cold water... you'll burn an extra 70 calories that day.

Jesus christ, thats how many calories you can burn walking for 10 minutes. And I hate ice cold water.

I believe drinking cold water was even more effective because it gets to your core, instead of surface.


Not to sound like a smartass, but what exactly are you trying to do here?

All I see is I take cold showers for mental toughness.

And that doesn't even make sense.

Again man I'm not trying to be a smartass... I'd be glad to discuss some things if I knew which direction you are trying to go. lol



You should join the Navy SEALs with all that cold water adaption and mental thougness of yours.

(Joke, ........ damn I crack myself up)

And I love cold showers and sleep with the window open till it gets too cold, then I put on an extra blanket or shut the window.


I'm trying to increase kcal expenditure through adaptive thermogenesis. There isn't much info on it, I thought I would try it- that's why I called it an experiment. The only study I could find is....


oh okay, pretty interesting. I'm always up for the "odd" things to somehow improve myself. lol BUUUT I don't like being cold. lol

If you do it... keep a log here or something, even if other people are making fun of you. lol If it works you can put it in their face and if it doesn't, well all they did was sit in front of a computer and type out random jokes. lol

Good luck.



cold showers make it hard for me to breathe.

but good luck it it works...


you say your just looking to drop some body fat and your taking cold showers instead of maybe a little cardio?

not my first choice but ok....


I am doing cardio. I do about twenty minutes of incline treadmill walking after I lift. This is just a supplement to lifting, dieting, cardio. The first thirty seconds it is very hard to breathe, after that I usually calm down and my breathing returns to normal.