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Cold Recovery


My symptoms: I am stuffed up, with a headache and sore throat.
What would be the fastest way to recovery?


Get as much sleep and rest as possible. Don't starve yourself, you need energy.

Don't take symptom-reducers. The snot running out your nose is your body trying to flush out the bad stuff. If you stop it up, you just prolong the suffering. Here's the solution for that: Posh Puffs Plus with lotion. Seriously. You can blow your nose all day with these things and not get it sore.

The one exception above is that I take Nyquil. Sleep is more important than avoiding the drugs, and since that will help me sleep better I take it. But once I'm awake, I'm off the drugs.

Rest, keep fed, get some mild exercise to clear you out and get the blood flowing, but don't over-do it. A couple grams of vitamin C per day won't hurt either.


I don't think the snot running from your nose is your body flushing out anything. I think it's the cold trying to propagate itself.

I often use off the shelf allergy medecines to stop the flow. It allows me to get on with my day without having to "trumpet" my nose every 10 minutes.

The rest of the advice is sound. Get your sleep, rest, eat sensibly. A cold usually lasts 4-5 days and there doesn't seem to be much you can do other than last it out.


You can try echinacea, vitamin C and drink lots of fluids like water, chicken soup, I like V8 when I have a cold, but avoid drinks that dehydrate you. I follow old fashioned ideas like ginger ale and chicken soup. I also use Benylin energy plus which gets rid of sore throat and gives u energy. it contains ginseng.

I try to take natural things and if i must go to work or school, I might try daytime cold meds but they dont work that well, they usually keep me blocked up and make it hard to breathe. Try green or white tea as well but be sure to drink other fluids after that because these drinks dehydrate you. I avoid coffee when Im sick.

Also try gargling with salt water for a sore throat and its a disinfectant. Rest is also important. A little amount of exercise is good too, but dont overdo it.


I am fighting my annual change of the weather cold right now too.

I have found if I take a bunch of the zinc cough drops when I first start to feel it coming on I can beat it quicker.

I didn't take them this time and am on day 5 of my cold right now. I think I will be good tomorrow.


I will give these suggestions a try guys. Thanks for your advice.


Go directly to the doctor to find out the real reason for a colds atack it might be an allergic reaction or a symptom of an underlying disease or just colds. Trying to self medicate is not all the time safe. Always seek medical help first rathern than attempting to drink herbs or colds remedy it might not be asafe for youy after all. You can however do away with symptomatic treatment.


The purpose of running muscous is to purge foreign elements from your body. If you don't believe me stick something up your nose for awhile. You'll find mucous will eventually start running.

You want to keep the mucous flowing ... if you stop the flow the bacteria or virus will stay in your body and spread which is a bad thing.