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Cold Medicine Cycle

I have access to three bottles of Romanian Dayquille. What dosing protocol should I follow to achieve my goal of becoming an Olympic caliber gymnast?

Matt, the ideal stack would be two teaspoons of Romanian cold medication along with two tabs of CJ Hunter’s special “iron supplement.” 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

New question on chemistry exams: would a C.J. B.J. w/gulp result in positive DT for PED in regard to Mrs. Jones?

HA, HA, HA! This is probably the funniest post on this board yet. Thanks for the laughs!

Good post. The OIC is so fucked up with its drug testing. They put this little girl gymnast thru hell because she tested + for cold medicine. I really hope they give the medal back to her.

Sweet! I’ll take three bottles of the Romanian Dayquille! I want to be an Olympic-caliber athlete too! I’ll also take some of CJ’s special iron blend for the extra effect!

As for Andreea Raducan, I can’t believe what they are doing to that poor girl. I’ve been cheering for her from the get go! She’s the cutest gymnast I’ve seen in a long time. And she is damn good too!

The things I would do to her…oops, did I say that aloud? Remember, 16 will get you 20! Hehehehe.

But seriously, Andreea should get her medal back. She was sick and still outperformed all the other girls! What an athlete!

The IOC can’t give her medal back. As much as I disagree with the IOC drug testing protocol and rules, you cannot pick and choose who gets suspended and loses their medal. Under the current rules, if an athlete tests positive for an illegal substance, they must be punished, regardless of the substance. Furthermore, if she were given her medal back inspite of the positive test, how about giving the gold back the the American swimmer who won gold in Munich but was disqualified for taking asthma medication. Besides, Andreea Rudacan knew what she was taking. She is not the naive 16 year old the press is making her out to be. She knew the consequences of her actions.

You’re saying a 16 year old from a Romania isnt going to take or do what the team doctor says. The OIC knew ephedrine is in over the counter products and still tests for it?

I agree with Robert. I seriously doubt she thought about what was contained in the cold medicine.

Especially since the team doctor gave it to her. You would think that he would have known what was in the medicine. So I’m sure Andreea never had a thought about it and went on her doctor’s advice.

Yes, it’s sad that she won’t be able to keep her medal. I’m sure the IOC won’t let this one slip by. But it’s still wrong.

Especially when you consider that most of the Olympic winners are using drugs anyway (read the interview with Charlie Francis).

So it sucks for Andreea and Romania. And if that particular “drug” makes an Olympic champion, then maybe I need to take some too!

I want to know what will happen to the Team Dr. we he gets back to romania.

they will give team doctor big “iron supplement.”

What is wrong with the Ruducan saga is the IOC’s drug protocols and testing procedures, not her losing the medal. I agree it is sad she lost the medal, but she tested positive for an illegal substance and was justly punished (according to the current rules). I have read ALL of Charlie Francis’s books and in Speed Trap he said it was the Americans who are naive. He claimed the athletes from Eastern Bloc countries are developed from a very young age and exposed to just about everything imaginable. It would be hard to say, after living in that kind of environment for the vast majority of her life, that Andreea wouldn’t be intelligent or aware enough to be hesitant with anything that goes into her body prior to a competition. I would be interested in knowing what Brock, Bill, Chris, or any other T-Maggers think about this controversy.