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Cold-Hearted Bitch


I hope he does haunt her for her remaining days..


What the fuck.


Yah, I hope he scares the living shit out of her. How dare she move him, see, now you have to put in you living will that your remains will not be moved. Stupid bitch, see, it's always about the money it seems.


I would HOPE that my wife would do this if she could get $4.6 million for it. But graveyards are a waste of real estate IMO.

I told my wife to take my body to my cabin when I died and run the rototiller over me a couple of times.


Haha ya, I hope my wife would be smart enough to do this. Shes trying to pay off the house for the kids, give her a break. Her husband died at 81 TWENTY THREE years ago, imagine how old that broad is. She clearly isn't thinking of herself here.

Whether the kids are a bunch of spoiled brats anyway, it doesn't matter.


I don't see anything cold-hearted about what she did. Hell, after 23 years, I wouldn't be surprised if my wife did the same...provided I do get married at some point. It does make me wonder how old she is, though, if he was 81 twenty-three years ago.


I'm guessing she's in her late forties/early fifties.


I don't think it is cold-hearted. He would hopefully want her to be okay in her older years without fear of losing her home or being unable to pay her bills. Those memorials are for the living, not the dead.


Yeah, but we know how you feel about memorials.


oh you probably don't

at least not about all of them =)


It was a feeble attempt at a joke from the roadside memorial thread.


I doubt that guy wouldve wanted his fammily to lose their home. I don't see anything wround here.

anyway this gives them a chance to be buried together


curses! and it would have been a good one


I would like to bury myself between OG breasts. :slight_smile:


apparently sales for coveted spots are going for over a million dollars. Start saving early =)


I can send the check today. :wink:


I don't think her husband will hold grudge. Being dead and all.


will your body be arriving embalmed, as ashes, or freeze dried? =)


I will be very much alive. :wink:

I never said i want to be buried between your breasts, i said i wanted to bury myself between your breasts.


it said in the article that she is now 80.

It was the next line right after it said he was 81 when he died.