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Cold Hands

My hands seem to constantly be cold with my finger nails white. Could I have poor blood circulation? Or maybe I’m lacking some calories or vitamins. I don’t take any multi-vitamins, only minerals and antioxidants. I get plenty from whole foods and my shakes. My body seems to get cold very easy as well,but maybe because my BF is at 7-8%. What do you guys think?

Is there a history of diabetes in your family?

I have the same problem. Even just sitting around the house my fingers and toes get extremely cold, and sometimes painful. I’ve never had it looked at by a doctor, but I figure it has something to do with poor circulation. I don’t know if it’s linked to nutrition or not.

Hands are extremities, that’s probably why. I think you just need to bundle up or wear gloves or something.

Same prob here, bro. A couple of q’s: Do you, by chance, ever get anxious or have tension headaches? Are you an ectomorph? What I’m doing right now is jogging to promote circulation, which is helping considerably. My lower body is extremely cold. After showering, I take a hairbrush, put a small amount of rosemary oil on it, brush from my hips down to my feet, and then put on some thermal underwear. I also try taking a rosemary bath once or twice a week. Hope this helps.

Yeah it’s caused by poor blood flow but what is causing the poor blood flow? Usually it’s one of 3 things. Either #1 too much nervous stimulation of the autonomic nervous system as in caffeine, other stimulants or stress, #2 too little thyroid, or #3 low blood volume. It’s doubtful in your case if it’s #2 as you’re so lean. If it’s #1 then you can control this by avoiding stimulants and doing deep breathing exercises. If you also have other weird symptoms such as chronic hypoglycemia, lightheadedness, chronic skipped heartbeats it’s likely to be #3. Now if your hands also start turning purple and become stiff then this is something entirely different and needs definite medical attention.

Thank you guys for all of your input. I am an ectomorph and my father is the only one who has diabetes. I’ve never experienced any low blood sugar though, unless I haven’t eaten for 4 hours which never happens. Also my caffeine intake is low. I only take 200mg before workouts (4Xweek) and I don’t drink coffee. Only green tea.