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Cold Hands And Feet


I have a problem with cold hands and feet. I heard that ephedrine could cause this. Has anyone else heard of the cause of this?


My hands and feet are always cold -- I think the only time they're not is when I'm training or taking a hot shower.

I always attributed it to low iron or poor circulation (being a lady and all), but iron supps didn't help it, so I figure it's just my lot to be cold in the limbs.

IDK if ephedrine has anything to do with it


It is a real medical condition, my father has it in his hands where he cant even be in the water for more than around 20 mins at a time with out his hands turning white and going numb. Couldnt tell you the name of it though, try a google search.


This could be a medical condition and could have many different causes. You should look into it.

I've known people with very cold hands / feet, even which turned purplish and with orange spots in extreme cold, the cause was having a run down immune system due to food allergies, which were chronic, but not extreme, so they didn't really know about them. Once fixed of this, their hands / feet were no longer cold.

Your hands should NOT be unusually cold. Keep trying things until they are fixed.


Could be Raynaud's disease - I have it. My rheumatologist did some blood work to confirm the diagnosis.

Not much you can do about it - the doc says the drugs used to treat it aren't worth the side effects.

I was originally treated for a neuropathy of unknown origin, since only my feet were affected. My fingers just recently started giving me problems.

Meds I've tried -

Neurontin(Gabapentin) worked really well, but I couldn't handle the side effects. I tried Lyrica, but that didn't do much for me. Norpramin (Desipramine) has worked the best for my symptoms. If you search on these drugs you'll see that most are used primarily for treating other problems than nerve pain like seizures or depression. Not sure why they work, they just do.


When I am hatless in the winter my hands are a little cold.

When I wear a knit cap around the house my hands are warm.


Thanks for the info, my mother has cold hands and feet also.


Had the same prob when I was a fat ass. Lost wieght better diet and LOTS of fish oils helped. Whats the blood profile look like??


I've had cold hands for as long as I can remember - clammy sometimes, too. I've noticed spending long periods of time typing can make the problem worse, and that being comfortable (that's it, just laying down and relaxing) can actually help things a great deal.

No medical conditions to speak of, just cold hands and feet - I feel for you.


Never had a blood profile. What should I look for?