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Cold GreenTea


I hate drinking warm beverages.
I started making my green tea in PM, and letting it chill over night in fridge.

Yummy, cold green tea.

Anyone else?


Warm beverages dont bother me but I do enjoy cold tea (green or black) any time during the summer.


I like to keep a pitcher of cold green tea in my fridge. Living in Arizona, cold drinks are a requirement.

I still have my warm cup of green tea in the morning though. It wakes me up like coffee for other people.


Yep, a big-ass batch (15 bags) for the week every monday, plus my two daily hot cups.


We don't have heat in Canada, so cold is the only way to go. That's good because cold is the way I like it.


Sorry to mention hiking again, but I take it hiking. Actually, I take two bottles full with me every day when I'm on my way out the door. I make a pitcher then fill a whole bunch of clean used water bottles with green tea, then throw all of them into the freezer for the week. Nothing like a cold green tea when you reach the top of the mt. during your hike!