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Cold Green Tea, Reduced Benefits?


I've noticed this question has been asked before but haven't seen any experts reply to it.

I'm using Lipton Green Tea bags. I'm wondering if there is a reduction in the health benefits if I boil water, then steep my green tea as I normally would but instead of drinking it make enough for a pitcher and store it in the fridge. I have never tried this so not even sure if it would taste very good cold but just curious. It would be easier just grabbing the pitcher and pouring a glass instead of having to boil a new cup everyday.


I do this (iced Green Tea). I can see no reason why Green Tea would lose any of it's health benefits.

You can do 10 bags of Green Tea to 1 Bag of Lemon Zinger. Blueberry Zinger is also very good.


GREAT idea!! I usually just put some Splenda and lemon slices in my pitcher. I can't see why the benifits would decrease, at least substantially.


Don't know anything about reduced benefits but the guy I buy my tea from recommends letting the boiled water cool for a few minutes before infusing the tea. This is purely for flavour as boiling water gives it a bad taste.


Just so long as the water is hot at the time of infusion (for proper extraction of the actives) it shouldn't matter too much. Taste will take a hit though as it oxidizes, much like coffee does. Put in an air tight carafe to be safe.


I drink far more "cold" tea than "hot" tea. We always have a 1/2 gallon bottle full in the fridge.