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Cold followed by heat for injection site pain?

Does the usual protocol of applying cold to an injury to reduce initial swelling and inflammation, followed by heat to increase blood flow and speed recovery follow for injection site pain with high dose gear? I assume it would, but then again perhaps heat should be applied immediately to increase blood flow and speed dispersion of the oil bolus. Thoughts/sugestions?

What did you inkect and how much?

You can try switching from cold to hot to cold to hot e.t.c. I don’t know how effective this will be however. You can also try using NSAIDs like ibupropen

Been using the Test Butyrate. Injecting 1cc of it cut with 1cc of sterile oil into glute. The oil got pretty much got rid of the flu but still stings like hell and forms a good knot. Been using ibruprofen for pain.

I’m doing the same, except not using ibuprofen yet, but I think I’ll start. I haven’t done a quad inject yet, but I’ll need to soon and I’m worried that if the pain in my glute is this bad then a quad shot will totally incapacitate me.

Actually it seems as if the sterile oil delayed my flu symptoms. They’re still not as bad though. I may have to try 1.5-to-1 sterile oil-to-gear, but at that point maybe I shuld just get some different Test ASAP.

Try the ventral gluteal site, you will love it - a lot less pain! see snowman08’s thread, I have posted a diagram of how to do the injection there