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Cold Feet

What are the best brand of socks and tips for cold feet? My feet are really cold now and it is about 60 degrees. I will be visiting family in 39 degree weather. I need a solution.

Wool socks in general.

You can get good wool socks from a military surplus store. If you want, you can use the polypro sock liners from there too. I’d recommend that if you find wool to be a bit too scratchy. This is what I personally use when it’s cold.

There’s also SmartWool socks available at Dick’s (and elsewhere), that come in all sorts of colors and patterns. These are blended to be more comfortable and less scratchy. I’ve never used them though.

I use some decent thickness nylon dress socks under a typical (wal-mart) pair of synthetic cold weather socks. Keeping your core warm also helps a lot. That combo is usually good to around zero degrees.

I’ve had really good luck with REI’s hiking socks. They’re a wool blend, which is a good compromise between warmth and non-scratchy comfort. If I’m actually hiking I’ll put on a pair of thin silk under-socks first, which wicks away perspiration like polypropylene, but also provides a bit of warmth (insulation, actually: your body provides the warmth), and also reduces friction so you don’t get blisters.

Get Muck Boots Arctic Sport. Rated for -40 degrees F.

Also, Smartwool socks with liners. you’ll toesies will never be cold again.

Try these: http://darntough.com/

A great pair of socks.

Maybe the cold is coming from your heart

Become a hobbit.

smartwool or fox river mills, any type of merino wool socks.

rub minoxidil all over your body and take it orally until you become bigfoot

I know I’m cheap, but $20+ for a pair of socks seems, I dunno, really fucking expensive!

I would recommend squats and milk.

Well… military surplus socks are cheaper. Maybe $7 a pair?

If you use liners of any sort, you can clean those and use the same outer wool sock for a few days if you want.