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Cold feet-- and hands...


i am a distance runner and i have had a problem for a lot of years (even before i started training) that i now would like to fix-- and i need a lil’ help. My hands and feet are never at an even temperature. They are either purple cuz they are cold or they are pink and sweaty because they are hot. This happens whether i wear gloves or put on extra sweatshirts or whatever, it just happens. now, i have narrowed own the cause to 2 causes, 1: i dont eat enough protein and fat (which i have remedied) and 2: because of my low blood pressure from running, my resting circulation isn’t that great. (my blood pressure is in the “healthy” range though, just the bottomn end of it).

So, to get to my question, are there any excercises that would raise my resting blood pressure? like would weights help that, or a few short anaerobic activities a week such as jump-roping or short sprints?

thx for any help people can give

I think you should really see a doctor before you go self- medicating this sounds like a serious problem.


agree with Pugs, go get it checked out by a doctor. you could have something called Raynaud’s Syndrome, which effects circulation to the hands and feet (as well as other sypmtoms).

My hands and feet are ALWAYS cold.

Hell, they are cold right now. Not bcuz im in Canada, just natural.

Don’t worry bout it.

Go shake someones hand, and freak them out dude.

Cold hands and feet are normal for alot of people…but cold to the point of them being purple!!!. Something else is going on there that A doctor needs to see i think.


I agree w/ pugs, I would check it out w/ a doctor. Probably pour circulation.
I have the same problem but I also have cancer. So my immune system is low thats why I have cold fingertips and feet.

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. Sounds like you may have Raynauds Syndrome.
Do a google search and contact your doctor!!

i have talked to my docter, but she says it isnt an underlying desease and isnt a problem. Its just uncomfortable, so i was trying to do something on my own to try to help it…

thx for the replies though!

What you describe is DEFINITELY Raynoud’s phenomenon. I have it myself, and the symptoms you describe fit Raynaud’s to a T. There really is not much you can do about it, other than try to stay warm. Supposedly, eliminating caffeine from your diet and taking gingko biloba and fish oils can help, although I did not notice any effect on my condition. Luckily, I am moving to Florida soon from the frozen tundra of Michigan. Good luck.

Eat more salt.



Your heart rate is what should be low.
Correct me if I’m wrong anyone but your blood pressure should be normal and circulation should be more efficient.

Smokers for example are one common sufferer of peripheral circulation problems.

Hey there this really sounds like R.S. It’s something I have had all my life. I also have severe sweating to go with it… So much in fact I have to have surgery to correct this. I really think you should get this checked out.