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Cold Feet After First Pin. Test E/400. Continue?

I did my first pin yesterday and I was really psyched up to start my cycle, but today after a pretty shit gym session I’m getting cold feet. I wouldn’t say I’m an experienced bodybuilder, in between beginner and intermediate. A year and a half ago I was training constantly and making steady progress but quit, I never really lost all of that size and I’ve made very steady gains lately to the point I’m getting stretch marks. I started training again about 4 months ago. One of the main reasons I decided to cycle after careful deliberation is 1. because I have trouble eating big and want to gain some serious mass, and 2. because I just want to get to the stage I was at not too long ago and make some visible gains which I know I can do pretty easily on cycle. I’m not a small guy but I’m far from genetic potential, which I know I’ll get shit for. I’m currently taking test E/400mg. Anyway today I tried optimising my training after putting in a lot of research and my form was pretty shit with the new routine I tried to follow, but back day has never been my strong suit and it really put me off. I’ve basically got 4 days to decide if I should pin again or just come off and wait until I’ve built a better foundation. I currently have Clomid at hand if needed, but if I decide to complete my cycle I can easily get hold of some Nolva. Should I be okay to come straight off cycle with no PCT at this stage if I decide it’s right for me to wait?

This is interesting to me. Because on one hand it looks like you’ve got a serious issue with committing to something. But maybe being a quitter will work to your advantage here? Maybe you thought you were ready and this feeling of cold feet is your brain’s way of telling you to walk away. I don’t know, man. If you’re not ready then you should trust that instinct. It’s not too late to put the needle down and focus on training and eating for a while. There’s no shame in being wrong. You started when you shouldn’t have, you’re feeling that now, and you’ve got a chance to go back to normal and build some better habits. I say take that opportunity as a blessing and a valuable lesson learned.

As far as pct is concerned…what’s the harm in running it? One shot can shut you down because that ester is going to unwind over the course of 10-12 days, and that’s enough time for your body to be fooled into thinking that it doesn’t need to produce any more test. Or maybe it doesn’t shut you down and you recover fine. We’ve heard both kinds of stories here. So given that you don’t know for sure your best course of action is to run a pct. Or actually get blood work in two weeks. That would tell you everything you’d need to know. But failing that you should err on the side of caution and treat it as if you’re shut down. But I’ll bet someone else will tell you the exact opposite of what i just said. It’s not entirely cut and dry.


I agree, and thanks for the honest advice. Hopefully I won’t end up having any kind of shut down and can just continue as normal until I’m ready to start the cycle I’ve invested a fair bit of money in. I’ve had friends cycle for a couple of weeks and then stop without taking PCT out of total ignorance that it exists. There isn’t really a doubt in my mind that I would benefit from this cycle, but perhaps it’s just not worth it if I don’t come away with the best possible results. That’s what it’s all about right? Risk vs reward. So should I just wait to weeks, get bloods and then take Clomid if needed?

Blood work is a sure way to know what’s going on. Either way its ideal to have pre-cycle. Shoot for TT, FT, E2, SHBG, FSH and LH to get a snapshot of your hormones. You may be fine without doing anything at all. IMO you shouldn’t mess with cycling risks until you have several years of consistent training under your belt.

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Probably will be, but thanks for the advice man. I will definitely get bloods done in 2 weeks to be sure and act after that. Either way I think no matter what I’m going to work on my form and my diet before I jump back on

I’m gonna give what’s probably an unpopular opinion.

You researched you thought about it you went thru the neccary steps to procure the drugs and you decided to pin. Now your backing out.

If you back out now do you even have the commitment to train naturally? Not sure it sounds like it if you quit not to long ago and started back up…

If I were in your shoes I would follow thru with my original commitment and finish the cycle and train to the best of your ability.

There will be two out comes

  1. you finish cycle you pct and realize that the “Gym life” isn’t for you and youl just be the guy who goes when he cans but doesn’t make it a priority (there is absolutely nothing wrong with this by the way)

  2. you finish your cycle you pct you feel good your happy with your gains and you have the continued motivation to make the gym a part of your lifestyle. Whether you cycle again is irrelevant because you have gained a new found passion that you will stick with

Wether it’s 1 or 2 you will have the feeling of making a commitment and sticking to it and completing something and that’s a damn good feeling.

Note: had you not already pinned this would not be my response I’d have told you something completely different.

Best of luck to you bro in whatever you decide


That’s an interesting way to look at it and it’s sort of turning my head, I can say with 100% certainty that the gym life is for me. All I ever think about is the gym life, it’s my constant goal to have my ideal body and I have trained 4-5 days a week consistently for the past 4 months. If I didn’t go to the gym I would have nothing to be proud of in my eyes, and all I thought about in my time away from the gym was going back. It wasn’t loss of motivation to go, just circumstances. Honestly I think if I noticed massive gains from this cycle I would end up addicted. The worst that can actually happen is that I do a cycle anyone else would do, take the PCT and recover in a normal amount of time and either don’t get the results I wanted or get a minor injury. My problem is that I get anxious, but no matter if continue to pin or not I will not stop training.

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Sounds like this is something you really want then! Had you not already pinned I’d have said to get your training diet etc on point forts train natural for another year then consider a cycle but that’s not the case. I think if you went thru the contemplating stage and came to the decision as a grown adult that this is something your gonna do and then did it you should follow thru and reap what can only be beneifits.

Exactly. As long as you are of decent age and not 18 or something you aren’t gonna mess your shit up if you do 1 proper cycle and pct

Sounds like in your mind you are 100% committed. You have now put that into action and it’s up to you to stay committed. Wether you jump off or stay on is totally up to you and you only, the things I have said only pertain to me and my beliefs in commitment and decision making. Only you know you and what is best for you.

I also have horrible anxiety problems which are usually exasperated during the first few weeks of a cycle. I found this out when I dabbled in sarms. I find tho after a few weeks they even out and I feel better than I did pre cycle

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dude. you’re a fucking mess. This combined with your first post tell me all I need to know. This isn’t for you, man. Get your head on straight, get some sustained stability in your life, maybe get some counseling, and then reconsider this.


It’s good to have goals. It’s good to take pride in one’s work. And building a body takes work. But broaden your horizons and never let yourself be defined by only one thing. If you are willing to step outside of the scope of your own current version of pride you’ll realize something powerful: that the dedication it takes to build your body is the same virtue that it takes to be good at many other things. Being a good man isn’t easy, but dedication to it gets you 90% of the way there. Being a good friend, employee, business owner, and citizen isn’t easy, but dedication gets you 90% of the way there. Go to the gym not just to build your body, but to build your character, your mind, your work ethic, and your soul.

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