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Cold Blooded Killer, Shipping Out to the Marines


I’m shipping out to be a marine pilot in 45 days, my favorite part about my deployment is that I have enough time to make improvement to my body. I’m very strong for my size, my stats are;

5’11 165 10% BF w/ 6 years exp
Bench: 305
Deadlift: 445 Sumo: 375 SLDL: 250
Squat: 405 Front Squat: 245
Overhead Press: (strict) 185 Upright Row: 175
2 mile run: 15:12

I posted a lot of stats, i’m not interested in competing or aesthetics, I need to be a cold blooded killer and I want a slight increase in performance across the board.

Before I signed my contract I was lifting 4 days a week, I found 4 days to be the best for increasing my lifts, as my body felt more fresh than when I lifted 5-6 days a week. My split was focused on Olympic lifts rather than hypertrophy. I started out with 5-10 minutes of core work than did 14-22 sets of NO FLUFF POWER LIFTS.

Day 1: Shoulders/Traps - Overhead press
Day 3: Quads/Biceps - Squats, lots of squats
Day 5: Triceps/Back - Dips, Pullups Rows
Day 7: Chest/Glutes - Presses & Deadlifts

Now as I deploy, conditioning comes at a premium and I would rather that not take away from my gains. Rather I would like to see a noticeable increase, as my life will be working out and weapons training. I’ve read a lot about increasing volume/workload in the short term for some sizable gains.

My new split will look like this*
Note, that I am in need of critiquing as i’ve never tried this much training before!

Monday: 1 mile AM run, Deltoids & Glutes, PM mobility
Tuesday: 2 mile AM run, PM mobility
Wednesday: 1 mile AM run, Quads/Traps/Core, PM mobility
Thursday: 2 mile AM run, PM mobility
Friday: 1 mile AM run, Triceps & Chest, PM mobility
Saturday: 1 mile AM run, Quads/Core/Traps , PM mobility
Sunday: 3 mile AM run, Back & Biceps, meditation (got a problem with it?) and extra sleep

I’m looking to keep the volume of each workout rather short and devoid of fluff workouts to make sure i’m not over training, so i’ll likely keep my sets at the 14-22 range working in a variety of reps. Hopefully the extra emphasis on recovery will be enough for me to see returns on my massive investment of time.

Thanks for following and any help



Prepare to loose alot of weight and size/strength at boot camp/OCS. I lost 30 lbs of muscle at boot, because of the cardio and hikes. Best of luck, your very lucky to get that chance.


Also, in OCS or wherever, remember that you will be eating very poor nutrition and low calories while doing lots of cardio


I agree, it’s an honor to serve, and i’m very lucky to have the chance to fly for the marines. I figured i’d drop several pounds in basic but I never thought officer school would have the same fatigue effect. You’re saying even worse nutrition than basic? Also any advice you might have to keep my body running well during OSC/Basic is SUPER appreciated.


You will definitely lose some size and strength at OCS and TBS. You’re basically going to be doing calisthenics only the whole time and eating less than you’d need to grow. It’ll come back, though.


Day 1 is in the books;

AM run: God i’m in bad shape, I struggle with phlegm when I run, hopefully this goes away after a week or two. I’ve read that my breathing pattern might be to blame. I ran .89 miles in 5:40, I didnt have much endurance but at least I felt fast enough.

PM lift: Shoulders & Glutes
Sumo DL: 350/340/330/320/300
Overhead Press: 165/155/145/135
SLDL: 235/230/225
Upright row: 155/145/135
Front Lever: 100/95/90
1-Leg DL: 70/65/60
Lateral raise rack run: 35/30/25/20/15/10

I’m starting to realize I either need to drop the weight or drop the volume if I want to keep lifting while I run.

Also again, if anyone has any tips for me to keep my weight up as much as possible during basic or OCS please feel free.


i was army
marines are worse
do not drop out of a run


Ya, if anything I would run more often and further. You’re gonna run a lot in OCS and TBS.

I personally would only do bodyweight accessory lifts, but that’s me.

You’re going to lose size and strength there’s no way around it. In basic (enlisted) I bet I got an average of 3 minutes to eat per meal and that’s being generous. 3 squares, no snacks, and constant work = loss of size and strength, sorry.


they did same to us{army}
was funny on leave and still ate that way


Ha, ya, it took a while to get back to normal.


Day 2

AM run: Made good progress in 48 hours, lol. I ran 2.2 without timing myself, I wanted to worry about my pace and my breathing, but it was a cake walk compared to yesterdays run (all due to better breathing.)

PM: I’ve added my PFT workouts on off days, so on top of foam rolling and some heavy stretching, I did 20 dead hang pull ups and 100 sit ups.

I should also note its super nice for this time of year where i’m at, so i’ve hiked a lot and will continue to. I’d imagine I hiked 3 miles today alone on top of my 2 mile run.