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Colbstar's Conjugate Log

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

1 hour of jumping on trampolines at Jumping World for my friends birthday. It was a blast.

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Max Effort Lower Body

  1. Dynamic warm up including backwards running, lunging, abs, etc.

  2. Box Jump
    28 inch box - 2x4
    36 inch box - 2x5 (New height record!)

  3. Concentric Good Morning (from pins)
    95lbs - 1x3
    115lbs - 1x3
    135lbs - 1x3
    205lbs - 1x3
    215lbs - 1x3 no belt
    The last set was okay. I felt a bit of weakness from my lower abs (old hernia spot). My low back, of course, also was taking most of the beating, but I know today that it was all good because I have no disc pain. Just erector soreness.

  4. Tire Sleds: attached to the dip belt
    45lbs in tire - 12 houses worth (6x2)

  5. Meadows Row
    75lbs + barbell - 3x8 per side
    These felt great!

  6. Good Morning/Knees to chest with Stability ball
    45lbs + doubled monster minis - 2x20/BW - 2x10
    This honestly wasn’t great, but I wanted some extra core work.

I REALLY need to figure out a way to do reverse hypers and/or a better way to do back raises.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Max Effort Upper Body

  1. Speed Bench
    95lbs - 3x3 as fast as humanly possible

  2. Floor Press, knees bent like feel up on bench
    95lbs - 1x3
    115lbs - 1x3
    135lbs - 1x3
    155lbs - 1x3
    175lbs - 1x3
    185lbs - 1x1
    190lbs - 1x1
    195lbs - 1x1
    200lbs - 1x1
    205lbs - 1x1
    RECORDS UPON RECORDS! My best 4RM was 175lbs and my best 3 rep max was 185lbs. I’d say 20lbs up even for only 1 rep is a great improvement. And no belt!

  3. Overhead Triceps Extension w/ Econo Lat & Triceps Pulley
    25lbs - 3x12

  4. Triceps Pushdown w/ Econo Lat Pulley
    25lbs - 3x12
    EXCEPT THIS TIME, I had a brilliant idea! Instead of using the normal straps for handles, why not make a typical bar of sorts? So I put an empty one of these (http://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/body-solid-olympic-dumbbell-handle?repChildCatid=1159668) through the straps and pushed down on that. It felt great! The handle rotated well and I could feel a much better contraction in my triceps.

  5. One Arm Lat Pulldown w/ Econo Lat Pulley
    45lbs - 3x12 per arm
    70lbs - 2x8 per arm

  6. Low Incline DB Flies
    20lbs each - 1x12
    30lbs each - 3x10

  7. Barbell Reverse Curl
    55lbs - 3x10

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Bonus Work: Upper Body

  1. Push-Ups
    Bodyweight - 2 sets of 50
    On the 2nd set, I had to rest around 35 but kept going after.

  2. Bodyweight Triceps Extensions (Standing Skullcrushers)
    BW - 5 sets of 8

Another Snocone Factory on the job workout. If only I could setup a reverse hyper in there… :wink:

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Dynamic Effort Lower Body:

Week 1 of the 3-Week Pendulum Wave

  1. Depth Jumps for Height from 36 Inch Box
    BW - 4 sets of 3
    WOW! I was impressed by these. I’ve never actually done depth jumps from a really high box before. I like the idea that gravity does the work on the eccentric while I focus on absorbing the force and propelling upward upon landing.

  2. Wide Stance Box Squat to 14 inch box
    185lbs + light band on each side: 12 sets of 2
    The bar weight or the band weight might’ve been a little too heavy. The ELITEFTS Orange Light Bands that I used produce 100lbs of band tension at the top.

  3. Sumo Deadlifts
    310lbs - 10 singles

  4. Reverse Flat Bench Hyperextensions (kinda like these)
    BW - 4x20

  5. Standing Abs with [Econo Lat Pulley] (http://www.roguefitness.com/spud-inc-econo-tricep-and-lat-pulley)
    45lbs - 4x15

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Dynamic Effort Upper Body:

  1. Jump Rope
    250 total jumps in 5 minutes

  2. Speed Bench: 3 sets close grip, 3 sets normal grip, 3 sets illegally wide grip (technique Louie uses)
    85lbs + “doubled” monster mini band - 3x3: 30 seconds rest between sets
    95lbs + “doubled” mini band - 7x3: 30 seconds rest between sets
    So I was trying to find the right variation for this 3 week waves, but my first go round here was too much band tension for sure.

  3. Dumbbell Bench on Stability Ball
    50lbs each - 2 sets of 15

  4. High Incline DB Tricep Rollbacks/Reverse Grip Push-Up
    30lbs each - 3x6/BW - 3x10

  5. Wide Neutral Grip Pull-Ups
    BW - 3x10

  6. Lateral Raises
    30lbs each - 3x6
    50lbs each - 1x20 BOTTOM HALF of the range of motion like John Meadows does here

  7. Seated Dumbbell Incline Curls
    20lbs each - 3x10
    HUGE stretch

  8. Tricep Dips
    BW - 1 all out set for 1 minute

This was an awesome workout. I’m still trying to optimize the 3 week wave, though.

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Max Effort Lower Body

  1. Some good mornings and abs to warm-up

  2. Single Leg Jump from 14 inch box to around a 22 inch box
    BW - 3x2 per leg
    I used the same technique that Westside uses as far as sitting back on a box and then slamming the feet (or foot in this case) down into the ground.

  3. Full Zercher Cycle
    135lbs - 1x1
    185lbs - 1x1
    215lbs - 1x1
    245lbs - 1x1
    275lbs - 1 failed attempt, 1 belted success: On the first attempt of this one, I simply couldn’t stand up. I didn’t honestly believe I could do it. But I didn’t put the bar down totally. I just rested it on my thighs. Because it was already there, I went for it. And although it was ugly (I began to turn), I got it. This was my old 1RM.
    280lbs - 2 failed attempts, 1 belted success: So the first failure was because I put the bar too far back on my thighs and I fell over! The second failure was because I again didn’t commit to it as much as I should’ve. But the 3rd attempt, “Giant Steps” by John Coltrane came on my playlist. I love this song. It’s very exciting and fueled the success. I felt great after despite 3 total fails :smirk:

  4. Poor Man’s Glute Ham Raise
    BW - 3x8: Again, just like a few weeks ago, I could not even fully lower myself on the eccentric. But I tried my best to get the biggest range of motion with the hamstrings.
    BW - 2x10, less range of motion to really hit the hamstrings.

  5. Belt Squats (not walks but actually squats)
    90lbs - 1 set of 3 minutes (preceded by a minute of walking trying to set things up with the weight attached)

  6. Ab Wheel - standing
    BW - 3x10

Although I wanted to do more belt squats (time crunch), and I failed some of those zerchers, I thought this was a great workout!

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Max Effort Upper Body

  1. Various warm-ups including dumbbell overhead press, band pull-aparts, etc.

  2. 1-Arm Med Ball Slam
    20lbs - 3x3 per side

  3. Close-Grip Low Incline Press (Strict, no butt lifting)
    95lbs - 1x3
    115lbs - 1x3
    135lbs - 1x3
    155lbs - 1x2
    165lbs - 1 single
    175lbs - 1 single
    185lbs - 1 single
    190lbs - 1 single
    195lbs - 1 single
    135lbs - 1x12, 1x10

  4. Straight Bar Econo Lat Pulldowns
    90lbs - 1x20
    135lbs - 3x8 (had a partner push down my shoulders to keep me from coming up)

  5. Overhead Triceps Extension w/ Econo Pulley
    45lbs - 3x8

  6. Leaning Back Econo Biceps Curl
    45lbs - 5x10

Awesome workout!

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Bonus Work: Upper Body

John Meadows Shoulders

  1. Reverse Incline Rear Delt Raises
    10lbs each - 3x35

  2. Heavy Lateral Swings
    50lbs - 3x30

  3. Wide Overhead Presses
    60lbs - 3x10

This pumped up my shoulders so much. They burn an hour after as I write this!

Friday, May 6th, 2016

Dynamic Effort Lower Body:

Week 2 of the 3-Week Pendulum Wave

  1. Normal Stance Box Squat to 14 inch box
    175lbs + monster mini band on each side: 11 sets of 2 with 40 seconds rest in between
    This was probably a better bar and band weight for my strength level. This produces 60lbs of tension at the top.

  2. Sumo Deadlifts
    335lbs - 8 singles with 30 seconds rest in between

  3. Vertical Jump Reset
    BW - 5x5

  4. Low Incline Bench Back Extensions
    BW + 50lbs dumbbell - 3x12

  5. Tire Sled: Pushing through the heels
    70lbs in tire - 2 sets of 4 houses worth

  6. Abs Straps Leg Raises
    BW - 5x10

Awesome session. #3 thru #7 were done with 2 newbies here at The Coop, so I decided not to put them under the barbell just yet and put them through some safer assistance so they can build a little body awareness first.

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Bonus Work: Lower Body

  1. 36 inch box jump from 14 inch box
    10lbs of ankle weights - 3 sets of 3 successes
    This was very difficult for me to complete. It was a generally difficult jump for me especially with the weights, but for about 12 jumps I totally couldn’t get myself to throw both feet up to stick the landing.

  2. Lying Band Leg Curl
    Monster Mini each leg - 100 total reps

Sunday, May 8th, 2016

Dynamic Effort Upper Body

  1. Pull-Ups/Med Ball Throw from Chest (warm up)
    BW - 3x8/20lbs ball - 3x2

  2. Close-Grip Speed Bench: Ballistic Method (found in the “Book of Methods”)
    105lbs @ ~ 50% - 9x3 w/ 30 seconds rest
    For those unfamiliar, the Ballistic Method is another method to be used to develop explosive and speed-strength. From the book:
    “Use… 45-50% load of a shirtless max. Drop the bar quickly but control it in the descent with the lats, not the triceps. Catch the bar 1-3 inches off the chest and reverse it concentrically as fast as possible.”

  3. Dumbbell Bench
    50lbs each - 1x8
    75lbs each - 1x12 (I think this is a new rep record for me)

  4. Various Dumbbell Triceps Extensions: Flat Bench
    20lbs each - 1x8
    30lbs each - 4x8

  5. Dumbbell Row: One arm at a time
    120lbs - 3x8 per arm

  6. Econo Lat Pulldown: One arm at a time
    90lbs - 3x8 per arm

  7. Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise
    20lbs each - 2x12
    I tried some upright rows and I just wasn’t feeling it.

Overall awesome workout. I liked the change to ballistic benching.

Monday, May 9th, 2016

Max Effort Lower Body

To preface, my dad and I built these handles for me to squat like we have a safety squat bar! I’ve been wanting something like this for a while to provide variation.

  1. Safety Bar Squat - to parallel box, wide stance
    45lbs - 10 reps SUPERSET with 3 reps of Kneeling Jumps (w/ 45lbs barbell)
    135lbs - 5 reps SUPERSET with 3 reps of Kneeling Jumps (w/ 45lbs barbell)
    185lbs - 3 reps SUPERSET with 3 reps of Kneeling Jumps (w/ 45lbs barbell)
    225lbs - 3 reps SUPERSET with 3 reps of Kneeling Jumps (w/ 45lbs barbell)
    245lbs - 1 single, belted
    265lbs - 1 single, belted
    285lbs - 1 single, belted
    305lbs - 1 single, belted
    325lbs - 1 single, belted
    This came up pretty quick! I’m feeling good about these. I had my sister film it. My shins were vertical if not a little farther back than my ankle, and I released the hip flexors at the bottom.

  2. Glute Ham Raise - semi flexed hip
    Okay this setup is a little different than last time. I got [this] (http://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/bcg8482%3B-sit-up-bar?repChildCatid=805275) at Academy over the weekend. I hooked it underneath my patio (basically a door like suggested), put a bosu ball underneath my knees for cushion, and leg curled that way.
    BW - 4x8, trying my best to lower the eccentric under control

  3. High Incline Chest Supported DB Row
    80lbs each - 3x8
    These felt great despite really hitting my back hard yesterday.

  4. Deadlifts
    135lbs - 2 sets of 1 minute of work without putting down the bar
    On the second set, my grip failed at just about a minute.

  5. Weighted Bosu Ball Crunches
    45lbs + BW - 2x12

This workout in its entirety took exactly 1 hour. I timed it from start to finish. Very proud of this session.

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Bonus Work: Lower Body

I was able to go to my high school weight room and use their equipment. I went ahead and took advantage of the things I can’t really replicate back at The Coop (my house).

  1. Lying Leg Curl
    40lbs - 10 reps
    50lbs - 10 reps
    60lbs - 8 reps
    70lbs - 8 reps
    40lbs - 10 reps

  2. Lat Pulldown
    100lbs - 12 reps
    120lbs - 12 reps
    140lbs - 10 reps
    160lbs - 10 reps
    100lbs - 12 reps

  3. Back Extension (on GHR)
    BW - 20 reps
    BW + 45lbs
    BW + 70lbs
    BW + 90lbs
    BW - 20 reps

This was incredibly satisfying. I’ve been trying to optimize my setup for hamstring, lower back, and lat work for so long that just coming in and putting in the work on some good machines felt amazing mentally. Like a cheat meal.

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Max Effort Upper Body

  1. Push Press
    45lbs - lots
    55lbs - 5 reps
    65lbs - 5 reps
    75lbs - 5 reps
    95lbs - 3 reps
    115lbs - 3 reps
    135lbs - 1 rep
    155lbs - 1 rep, belted
    165lbs - 1 failure
    160lbs - 1 rep, belted
    170lbs - 1 rep, belted
    I don’t really feel like this was the best choice for a 1RM strength lift to max on because it inevitably becomes a push jerk when the weight gets heavy. Whereas with a lighter weight, you can focus on using less momentum. So take that into consideration. Regardless, this was a 5lbs PR for me.

  2. Dips
    BW - 2x20

  3. Econo Pulley Triceps Pushdowns - straight bar
    45lbs - 4x8
    These felt great! Pulley triceps work always feels the best for me.

  4. Econo Pulley Face Pulls
    45lbs - 3x12

  5. Barbell Curl w/ FatGripz
    65lbs - 3x8
    45lbs - 1x12
    This led to an awesome pump. I used a slight cheat but a slow eccentric only when necessary.

Friday, May 13th, 2016

Dynamic Effort Lower Body:

Week 3 of the 3-Week Pendulum Wave

  1. Box Squat to 14 inch box
    185lbs + monster mini band on each side: 10 sets of 2 with 30 seconds rest in between

  2. Sumo Deadlifts
    355lbs @ 80% of 1RM (445lbs during my last test) - 8 singles with 30 seconds rest in between

  3. Tire Sled: hooked on hip belt from behind
    45lbs in tire - 5 sets of 2 houses

  4. Reverse Hyper - sorta
    My current setup is FAR from ideal, but I’m experimenting for sure. Here I laid down on a bar sized pole with a cushion on it. I has the hip belt hooked with a plate. I turned around the hip belt and plate, laid forward onto the bar, held onto something for support, and swung the plate up with my low back, glutes, and hams.
    45lbs - 2x12

This was done at 6:00am with little warmup.

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

Bonus Work: Lower Body

Due to some weird scenario things, this workout was split up into basically 3 different 5-10 minute phases. It was only abs using a variety of movements like:

Hanging Leg Raise
Lying Leg Raise
Towel Ab Rollout
Reverse Crunches

Good workout for sure. I missed abs yesterday so I was glad I could get this in.

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

Dynamic Effort Upper Body

  1. Warm-Up including bear crawls and underhand 20lbs med ball throw for height

  2. Close-Grip Speed Bench: Dynamic Method (found in the “Book of Methods”)
    115lbs @ ~ 55% - 10x3 w/ 35-40 seconds rest
    No bands. I kept with the close grip for all sets, and unlike the ballistic method which uses lighter weight and touching the chest is not advised (because the focus is on reversing the barbell before the chest is touched), the dynamic method according to the Book of Methods does not necessarily entail bands especially if a heavier bar weight is used. I also touched my chest on every rep.

  3. Dumbbell Bench
    80lbs each - 1x8
    50lbs each - 1x20

  4. Dips/Decline Push-Ups Superset
    45lbs + BW - 3x6/BW - 3x12

  5. Tricep Dips (Feet up on bench)
    BW - 3x12

  6. Dumbbell Shrugs w/ pause at bottom and top
    80lbs - 3x12

  7. John Meadows 6-Ways for shoulders
    10lbs each - 3x8

  8. Dumbbell Hammer Curls w/ pause at top
    30lbs each - 3x10

This was an awesome workout despite not sleeping too great the past few days. I’ll make sure to take care of myself tonight though. I also took some progress pics I’ll post soon.

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Max Effort Lower Body

Some light barbell squats and lunges were done before as well

  1. Hanging Leg Raises/Broad Jump from Box
    BW - 3x10/BW - 3x3
    I first tried to use 36 inch box jumps holding a 20lbs dumbbell. I wasn’t mentally prepared to

  2. Deficit Deadlift - conventional, 2 inch deficit
    135lbs - 3 reps
    185lbs - 1 rep
    225lbs - 1 rep
    275lbs - 1 rep
    315lbs - 1 rep: left under over
    365lbs - 1 rep: belted, left under over
    405lbs - 1 rep: belted, right under over
    425lbs - 1 rep: belted, right under over
    445lbs - 1 rep: belted, right under over
    This was absolutely a deficit record. I’ve never gone super heavy with these, and I hit 20lbs below my all time best deadlift!

  3. Back Raises… sorta
    Using the sit-up bar attachment for my feet, I laid my torso down on a bosu ball (that was on a box). I then put a barbell on my back and proceeded to do the raises with straight legs. I felt these mostly in my hamstrings near the knee.
    BW - 1x10
    75lbs + BW - 3x5
    BW - 1x10

  4. Hip Belt Walks
    4 plates (180lbs) - 3 sets of 90 seconds of walking

  5. Standing Ab Pulldown w/ Econo Pulley
    45lbs - 5x12

Simple, but effective. I was actually a little scared at the thought of maxing on deadlifts. I always try and remember that there are 2 types of fear regarding achievement:
Fear of Failure
Fear of Success

It’s definitely fear of failure that gets me. Failure is absolutely brutal. But that’s why lifting weights is such a good life tool.

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Bonus Work: Lower Body

Sled Pulling - Metal sled like [this] (http://www.elitefts.com/shop/cardio/prowler-sleds/eliteftstm-compact-dragging-sled.html)
90lbs - 1x8 houses
135lbs - 2x8 houses

I was toast after this. This took about 20 minutes and was all I could do before our PN-G HS award ceremony where I was awarded scholarships. GLUTES!