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Colbert Report and FreedomWorks



About six minutes in, Colbert takes FreedomWorks to task over thier supposed "grassroots tea-party" movement. Ah yes, the White House is indeed wrong in thier assumption that regressive, conservative groups are staging a fake movement. (read: sarcasm)

I will say that I'm a moderate, though slightly to the left. I do hold some significant values that are considered right leaning though (such as gun control...I'm against it). I just am tired of watching CNN, FoxNews, and MSNBC give slanted views that are so obviously biased I can't believe anyone watching is buying into thier agendas. Of course, the fact that so many on either side of the aisle do buy it is disconcerting. Brings to mind Churchill's quotation about democracy.

I posted this because I love Colbert and Stewart as they take both sides to task when they attempt to be misleading. Also because FreedomWorks sponsered a "teaparty" protest on the 4th of July in a park nearby and at that meeting they told various homosexuals observing them that they hated them and were going to hell. Last time I read the bible it said all sins were equal in the eyes of God. They also sold Confederate Flags there, but the organizer explained that the "vendor" wasn't a part of thier gathering....uh huh.

My two cents..


Where you high when you wrote this?


So because I made a post containing facts relevant to what I went on to discuss I must be high? Oh...wait I get it now after looking at your other posts...you disagree with me and therefore I must not be of sound mind? Which part sounded high? The biased news networks? I think whether you are conservative or liberal you can surely agree to that? I'm not saying every story is biased, but certainly a significant portion are.

Or was it the part where I noted that perhaps the White House wasn't being so far fetched in their accusations? I'm all for concerned citizens speaking plainly to thier legislative representatives. That's one of the best parts of America. However, when I see tactics like this, it calls into question every outburst. The worst of it is that for all we know not a single one of these angry disruptions was staged...but conversely how do we know they weren't all staged?

IMO FreedomWorks use of such tactics trivializes genuinely concerned citizens and the fact that thier founders are about as far removed from a grassroots organization as can be casts another shadow across thier image...again in IMO.

I wasn't posting this trying to get in pissing contests. I was posting it because I found it relevant and interesting and also because I had witnessed this same group using questionable tactics on a very important date in our nation's history. I found that to be offensive. However, if the best you can come up with is questioning my state of mind, then I'll move onto greener (read: more intelligent) pastures.


You are saying Colbert and Stewart are balanced. That is why I am asking if you are high.

Once we get this question out of the way then I can go about dismantling your post.


Let me qualify that then: While they have liberal leanings they take both sides to task when they attempt to be misleading, although the right takes an admittedly larger bashing.



Another liberal out of the woodwork. Really those two guys are news worthy? Also yes the mention networks do lean but it pretty much one against all others, right.


Overpriced by exactly two cents.


Its funny how much a double standard the left has, when republicans do grass root movements they are considered staged. Yet when the left goes out it is consider the greatness of America in order to be able to express our freedom of speech.

Overpriced by exactly two cents. Greatness


Fox news takes both sides, CNN takes both sides, MSNBC even takes both sides, but each one has their perspective spin on things. Same as Colbert and Stewart.

I am sure the Tea Parties had sponsors, So did the anti war party's. Any political demonstration will have some backers. It is not bad to have backers, some may be radical but in the end all have backers.

These people are pissed. Lets just say for a second that all the people we see speaking in the video's are plants, why in the hell is the crowd agreeing with them. You are not seriously suggesting that an open town hall meeting is full plants are you?

If this is just simply manufactured anger then where are all the supporters for this at the town halls?

The truth is, these town halls and these tea parties are just plain old pissed off Americans.

P.S. There are videos out their of democrats at these meeting slamming them just as bad.



Motherfucker you haven't dismantled a post EVER.


Stewart and Colbert are far from balanced, and they never take both sides. They're just funnier than the old prics on the other networks.


Damn that was a valuable post (not)


Damn that was a valuable post (not)

Great post pitbull of the female version (not)


Wow. Did you get some help putting that together?