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Coke Users



Just a hint at what might be going up your nose.

It is estimated that currently, 60 to 90% of the cocaine in North America and around the world (both powder and crack) is being cut with a potentially dangerous additive called Levamisole. Levamisole is an animal de-wormer. It is cheap and is thought to make the high more intense. It appears to be added at the source.

However, there are side effects from Levamisole which can be dangerous to your health. In fact, it can cause severe illnesses in some users. We are staff from three agencies in Canada who have come together to bring people up to date about Levamisole and its risks â?? from a harm reduction perspective. We have developed a website to keep you informed about the health problems which can occur from using cocaine laced with Levamisole and how to deal with them.

The website also provides you with material you can use to inform others about tainted cocaine, to raise awareness on the street and in nightlife venues, and to create your own awareness campaigns â?¦ including printer-ready copy for an informative pamphlet which can be folded in a unique way, and is guaranteed to draw attention. The folding instructions are on the website.

This is a grassroots campaign, using a variety of media to reach different audiences. We hope that you will step up and help.


If only you could grow your own coke, huh?


Apparently, livestock dewormers make good club drugs...Ecstasy has been produced with piperazine for some years now.

It's not even safe to take illegal drugs anymore, what's this world coming to?


do i really get to be the first to say "cocaine is a hell of a drug" ?


Well, to be honest, I wouldnt want any worms in my snow to be honest.


Who the fuck on T-Nation really uses that shit?
I mean REALLY?


damn it, you beat me to it



Even though I've never used it, nor do I have the desire to use it, I'm sure there are quite a few people on here who use coke.


You forgot the picture.


ID you forget the age group on this site.


There is quite a few people that use coke and go to clubs and live the lifestyle on here. Not everyone is going to pipe up and say something cause flames will follow.


only when i'm trying to lean-out a bit. you know those last few pounds are a bitch.




Jesus Maschy! that's one hell of an avi.

makes me hungry, in a Viking sense.



I always thought recreational drugs were pretty popular in the bodybuilding world. Since this is a bb site it doesn't seem like an unreasonable thought to me.


Coke is definitely one of most pointless drugs out there anyway... besides alcohol.


You sound like you're about as much fun as a tree stump.


If you know you character, propensity to addiction, and are positive that you can handle an experience- why not?

@ ID- BB forums are exactly 'drug free' by definition. If someone has the mental stability to go against the grain to alter his physical appearance via chemicals the are also probable to alter their mental state the same way. Im not saying people who use steroids are junkies. By now means. But the mental profile to try things which arent commonly accepted by society is present in the individual.

I hope no one is getting me wrong here.


dont knock it til you try it