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Coin a New Phrase...


It seems like in the last few weeks a lot of people have been dicussing the use of fag in various contexts and whether or not it's appropriate to use fag to refer to lame things that suck ass as well as f**king morons with more hair gel than brains.

So here's my suggestion. Let's coin a new phrase for our topics of derision.

I really liked douchebag/douchbagery/or acting douchy

Also good could be:
-That's "muscleteen" or here comes another "muscleteen"
-Or perhaps some reference to spray on orange skin tan.

I don't know...I'm not a linguistics major and there are a ton of people on this site funnier than me so go to town peoples!



I think we found our first openly gay T-member. I salute your bravery. :]


Are you hitting on me? Cause sorry mon ami...I don't play the penis dance.

I do however have a number of gay friends and I know it bothers them when "gay" or "fag" is used as a descriptive curse.



I don't recall hitting on you.

I don't understand why you are sticking up for your friends who obviously don't frequent this site.

I am not bashing on them, I have gay friends also and they don't take offense to the word "gay" or "fag". They are gay so how can they take offense to something that they actually are?

What I can't figure out is why you take offense to it?


Collar-popped, e.g.:
This thread is collar-popped. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

What a collar-poppage.

Have you seen those collar-poppers on the Off Topic forum?

Get with the progrizzle, you cizzle-pizzlers.


Quit being such a fag, if you were here right now I'd try to slap some sense into you, you over-sensitive bitch, grow some thicker skin.

You're obviously not a rocket scientist either if you think having a background in linguistics would help to serve your proposed adoption of an alternative to that oh so evil 'fag' word. Here's my suggestion: try looking up linguistics in the dictionary or an encyclopedia before you use it again dumbass.


n. Shitcockery. (shit-cok-er-e)

Meaning: 1. Action ignorant of common or implied social laws and standards. 2. Acting in accordance with collar-popped linguistic and aesthetic stylings.

Usage: "Damn, this pink-shirt, collar-popping shitcockery is getting a tad out of hand."


How about we just say "brokeback" instead of fag? For example, in regards to those kids in the picture, they look like a bunch of "brokebacks". How does that sound? Everyone agree? Good. So it shall be written, so it shall be done. "Fag" is now "Brokeback".


Doesn't work that way, mate. What Creidem was trying to do is get us to coin some new phrases that correctly describe individuals or situations which are currently being termed "gay" or "fag".

What's the difference between "fag" and "Brokeback"? They are spelt differently. We need words or expressions that mean something different.

Keep thinking, dude. You can do better than "Brokeback".


I guess we could call them asians, would that be politically correct enough for you?

Sarcasm, everyone.


A derision that's as offensive as "fag", without being "fag" itself? (haha, you asked for it)

Hmm, I hope this is obscene enough for ya:

Cock Breath, as in -
"Damn, dude used to be cool, but with those purse-carrying metro friends, now his breath smells like cock."

Wow, even I'm a little offended. Awesome!


cork smoker



Stop your douchebaggery and post something that makes sense.

Man, the political forums are filled with douchebaggery.

The initials DIU - das ist Ubergeigh. I think someone started the initials "TSB" for tube steak boogie placed after really stupid posts. DIU works well, too.


Man this thread is so brokeback. Some of you people have ideas that are complete douchebaggery.

Haha, I'm using those 2 for sure.


I'm touched you tiny-cocked coward. This marks the first time I've officially been threatened on an internet forum! Damn your pathetic. Did you go out tonight and tell all your friends how you showed that guy on that computer?

But seriously...I'm flattered. This is a milestone...oh...and by the way...Suck it fuckface!




See what you get for defending the feelings of your homosexual buddies?
You are getting all huffy and your panties are all in a twist.
You have made it quite obvious that you are really "Captain Homosexual Feelings Guy" in disguise.
I liked the "my friends are gays and hate the use of the word fag" reason.
Boo Hoo.

Is this T-Nation or have I been transported to the official fan site of "The Village People"?

Boogers... I just broke a nail typing this. My day is ruined.


It's just like a limp cock...it's good for nothing.


This thread is gay.


both douchebaggery and DIU are nice ... i am partial to the former ... brokeback is too tied to the here and now ... in 10 years, brokeback won't alone mean anything ... but douchebaggery has something my penis lacks: staying power



Your friends get offended by being called gay but not by the fact that they take it up the wrongin....lol
So I guess to coin a more english phrase "takin in up the wrongin" is mine...lol