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Coffinworm Using Main Lift Variations?

So I’m just going to stick to this one thread for general small questions I have. A lot of them dont seem thread worthy, so I’ll just try to compile them all here. So I’ll go ahead and start here. (I went in blind into Forever, so I missed 2 books, and honestly wont ever read them on my phone, and dont want to purchase them, so I’ve got some blind spots here)

Regarding Coffinworm:

While my progress is steady right now, I draw obvious correlations to the Darkhorse program. My favorite part of that program was the Main lift, followed by a variation of either the main lift, or a variation of the corresponding lift. IE. Squat:rack pull or Bench:Pin Press. So you have 4 lifts, 8 different exercises you’re hitting every week. Would this be fine for Coffinworm? Or should I just shut the hell up and stick with the big 4 lifts?

Coffinworm is pretty intense on its own. I’d stick with the big four if it were me.

There’s no reason for your own personal on-going thread and it’s not a habit we want to encourage anyone to follow. It’s more than a little arrogant and presumptuous, especially in a forum specifically designed to get Wendler’s advice for free when you literally say you don’t want to purchase his books.

With that said, if you have follow-up questions about the same program, bumping one thread should be fine.

If they’re not “thread worthy”, then they’re not thread worthy. You can always post questions about your plan in your training log (if/when you get it going again) so they’re in the context of the program.

10-4 good points, I’ll wait here

Also for salvaging an ounce of self respect I did purchase Forever, but there seems to be a few details that are assumed to be known from the first two. I’m not a total cheap bastard.

Personally I think the logic behind Coffinworm is perfect ‘as-is’. Hard going but saw great results.

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Beyond 5/3/1 has some programming which uses pause variations for the FSL work. Personally, I would leave as is to see how you respond.

Then do a program (choose wisely) where you use variations for supplemental work and see what you learn from it.

There’s an article by Jim titled 52 most common 5/3/1 questions on a site by a guy whose initials are David Tate which should provide some help as well.

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100% awesome answer dude, I’ll be sure to take a look. I feel like I grasp about 80% of it from Forever, but that other 20% is a serious blind spot.