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Coffinworm Progression

Quick question. What is the progression on the Coffinworm Template? Is it the standard 10lbs/lower 5lbs/upper? If so, is it every leader, or every cycle (2 leaders, 1 anchor, then increase?)

Yes (or less if you wish). Every leader / anchor.

Just finishing Coffinworm, made some good gains. 2 leaders, 1 anchor so I increased TM twice.

Word, I’m excited. Someone recommended it to me a while back because of the “fun” I had with darkhorse. I can see some similar intensity.

I’m planning on running 2 full cycles of it. (L,L,A,L,L,A) and seeing where I end up.

Thanks for the advice dude!

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Good luck man!

Coffinworm is a lot of hard work what with working the same muscles two days in a row, twice per week, as well as doing a whole bunch of heavy reps with the spinal tap!

Worth it though as I hit a Deadlift PR I totally wasn’t expecting!