Coffinworm or Rhodes 5x531

Just finished 2 leaders + 1 anchor of leviathan
SSL for Bench
FSL for deadlift and squat

Prior to that did vanilla 5x531 for 2 leaders and 351 FSL + Jokers for Anchor

Current TMs (can easily get 5-8 reps) for the next cycle are:
OHP: 60kg
Bench: 75kg
Deadlift: 160kg
Squat: 140kg

My goal for the next cycle is fat loss (not necessarily weight loss) while maintaining or ideally increasing strength. I will be scaling back my caloric intake very slightly to maintenance level, was eating a surplus before.

Looking at either coffinworm or Rhodes 5x531 for the next cycle.

Any recommendation for either?

Just pick one then do the other down the track.

Rhodes. Much more assistance work than coffinworm for your fat burning goals. Also, Just get the prescribed reps with that last set of 5 since you’re in a slight caloric deficit

Did you do the Rhodes 5x5/3/1 Template? How did it work for you with that goal?