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Coffinworm Mock Meet/Max Testing

I’m in the “deload” week of my 2nd Coffinworm leader and want to do a mock meet or test week after the anchor cycle. Trying to think of the best place to do it. I’m planning on one of the following strategies:

Anchor cycle ->7th week deload -> mock meet

Anchor cycle -> use Joker sets on 2nd week of Anchor to test

Any thoughts on which would be better? Personally, since PL meets are probably off the table until 2021, I’m leaning toward option 2, but if there’s a better thought behind doing option 1 I’m all for it.

Mock meets are pointless due to a wasted day you could have gotten better in training. Plus, it’s NOTHING like a meet. So in reality, it’s a lazy training day.

Just test like you normally would - during training.

Sounds good, thanks Jim.