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Coffinworm Is Taking My Lunch Money


11/12/18 Deadlift Day (Pressed for Time)

  1. Warm-Up ~10m

  2. Power Sets ~20m
    Warm-up: 135x3/205x3/275x3
    Set 1: Deadlift 305x5, Hipthrust 50x5
    Set 2: Deadlift 305x5, Hipthrust 50x5
    Set 3: Deadlitt 305x5, Hipthrust 50x5

  3. Volume Sets ~15m
    Deadlift: 5x10, 225lbs+65lb chains.

  4. Assistance N/A

Had to shower before work, still figuring out the timing on this morning shit.

305 didnt feel bad at all, but is much more excruciating having to lower so slowly to keep it quiet due to the time. I’m also a fan of dead stop deadlifts, so I guess this will be a good change of pace anyways.

Need to up the reps significantly on the hip thrusts, this was just a trial.

Still figuring out chains, had a good guess on where to put them, but it’s hard to calculate the length of the chain vs the short motion of the deadlift.

I started fairly low, and think I’m going to take the 5/3/1 mentality of going up slowly. Especially considering how early it is.


11/12/18 Bench Day

  1. Warm-Up ~5m

  2. Power Sets ~22m
    Warm-up: 135x3/185x3/225x3
    Set 1: Bench 245x3, BB Row 155x3
    Set 2: Bench 245x3, BB Row 155x3
    Set 3: Bench 245x3, BB Row 155x3

  3. Volume Sets
    Bench 3x8, 185lbs +65lbs Chained.
    Reps: 8, 8, 4, 2, 2

  4. Assistance
    T-Bar Row/Decline Crunches
    (70lbs/10reps, 25 Crunches) x3

Tired, but muscles through it.

Main set felt good. Need to buy another foam roller, didnt realize how much that was helping my upper back extension.

Chained set… way overestimated. First set was great, second set I knew I was in trouble.

Assistance was light, gassed myself on my volume.

Going to give this up to three weeks. May make my chained sets my main sets, and find a more drastic alteration for volume. ie. Floor press or something. Feeling the fatigue after the power set. Obvious in hindsight, but here we are.


Still lifting, not posting, audit week at work, pulled 70 hours, so limited time. Should be noted, whatever semblance of a diet I had went straight out the second floor window. Lunch yesterday consisted of 6 Fritos Burritos and 8 tacos. Dinner consisted of a large dominoes pizza +2 slices (17 hour day, boss paid for it). Lunch today consisted of a large dominoes pizza, box of garlic knots, box of bread sticks. (12 hour day)

Just noting so I can get my shit together.


Officially back at it. Been lifting 4 days a week for several weeks now. Time to actually follow a program again. (For anyone who was following, my friend decided to quick drinking a few weeks ago, and I’m putting him through the ringer with me, I’m feeling 1000x more dedicated to keeping him healthy and getting him strong)

Ultimate Goals are 500 Deadlift, 400 Squat.

Starting weight: 227.5
Deadlift: 405x3 Beltless
Bench: 315
Squat: 335x2
Press: 175

I officially start Monday and will start the log then.


Just looking in this log all curious like. Your bench is pretty strong compared to your other lifts. I’m living the poverty bench life lol


I’ve always had a strong bench since high school, granted I used to… ONLY bench, but I’ve always retained a decent amount of strength there. I’ve been smacking deadlift like I’m trying to take its lunch money, but it’s not as easy a climb for me.


Coffinworm Day 1

  1. Warm Up

  2. Box Jumps×10

  3. Squat^Hanging Leg Raise
    5×210 & 10
    5×240 & 10
    5×270 & 7
    5×240 & 6

  4. Bench Press^BB Row
    (5×190 & 5×135)×5

  5. Dumbbell Press

  6. Sledgehammer Swings×20 (stopped at 20 due to sledgehammer slipping off wet tire and smashing my shin, oops)


Maybe you look like a T Rex with short arms


Maybe I’m a fucking idiot, the world may never know


Being a student in high school does make me feel this way very often.


Eh, you just haven’t found something you enjoy yet. It gets better. Just don’t do heroin.


Seems easy enough.


Nah pretty sure u is


Thanks daddy


Call me BigPigDaddy



Happy 2019 and Let the Gains Begin! .


Coffinworm Day 2

  1. Warm Up

  2. Press^Wide Grip Pullups
    5×110 & 5
    5×125 & 5
    5×140 & 5
    5×125 & 5
    4×140 & 5
    2×155 & 5

  3. Deadlift^RKC Planks

  4. Plate Raise

  5. Sledgehammer Swings×40 (with 100% less shin splitting)

Side Note; was arguing with and kicking out one of my roommates during most if this workout and still nailed it.


Coffinworm Day 3

  1. Warm Up (brief today)
  2. Box Jumps × 10
  3. Bench^DB Rows
    5×190 & 10×50
    5×215 & 10×50
    5×245 & 10×50
    5×215 & 10×50
    5×245 & 10×50
    3×270 & 10×50
  4. Squat^Hanging Leg Raise
    (5×210 & 6)×5
  5. Goodmornings

Yesterday was busy getting house supplies for the reconstruction, ended up slamming out this workout in about 35-40 minutes.

Bench felt strong. No shoulder pain, and the 270×3 was easy. Had a few left in the tank, hard to stick with the program and not go for more.


Coffinworm Day 4

  1. Warm Up
  2. Deadlift^RKC Plank
    5×255 & 15sec
    5×290 & 15sec
    5×330 & 15sec
    5×290 & 15sec
    5x330 & 15sec
    2×365 & 20sec
  3. Press^Wide Grip Pullups
    (110×5 & 5)×5
  4. Plate Raise & Lateral Raise
    (25×8 & 10×10)×10
  5. Various Conditioning

Good day, pretty fried from this first week.
Wont be able to lift until next Thursday due to corporate training event. Might try to squeeze Monday into Sunday depending on how beat up I feel.